How do police departments get funding?

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Police departments are funded by the governmental body that authorized their creation, such as city, county, and state governments. (Money from fines help fund the governmental body.) They also receive funding through state and federal grants, especially for particular projects like "click-it-or-ticket" and "drink,drive/go-to-jail." These types of grants fund the hiring of additional officers and/or overtime needed to carry out these projects. President Clinton created a project called something like "100,000 cops on the street" that was supposed to provide funding for an additional 100,000 cops for a period of time. Unfortunately, it created more of a burden than did good. If state law permits, police departments can also use seized money or property.
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Who to contact to have a police department investigated?

boguspolice . Who would I need to contact to have a police department is Saugus Massachusetts investigated?. Answer . If you're serious about having the police department investigated for unlawful activity, you should hire an attorney of your own, in case you decide to pursue a civil lawsuit, (MORE)

What is the world's largest police department?

The answer is bound to be from a country where the police service is controlled by the central government. In other words where policing responsibilities are not delegated to individuals states, cities or federal districts. One candidate for the title is the South African Police Service which has 13 (MORE)

How many police departments in the us?

That's difficult to answer. Every major city, most other cities, and even some very small cities have a police department. Then there are county sheriff's or county officers in every county.

What are the responsibilities of the police department?

The following was taken from Wikipedia: Textbooks and scholars have identified three primary police agency functions. The following is cited from The American System of Criminal Justice , by George F. Cole and Christopher E. Smith, 2004, 10th edition, Wadsworth/Thomson Learning: . Order maint (MORE)

What are the largest police departments in us?

The New York City Police Department is the largest in the United States (37,800 officers), followed by Chicago (13,600 officers) and Los Angeles (9,600). The largest Sheriff's Department in the United States is the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (8,400 Officers, 7,400 unsworn employees). (MORE)

What are the ranks of the Chicago police department?

4 star = Supt of Police 3 star = Asst Supt 2 star = Dept Supt 1 star = Chief Silver Bird = Asst Dept Supt Gold Bird = Asst Dept Supt to the Superintendent Silver Leaf = Dept Chief Gold Leaf = Commander 2 Bars = Captin 1 Bar = Lt / Inspector 3 Stripes = sgt Police Off (MORE)

Functions of a police department?

The following was taken from Wikipedia: Textbooks and scholars have identified three primary police agency functions. The following is cited from The American System of Criminal Justice , by George F. Cole and Christopher E. Smith, 2004, 10th edition, Wadsworth/Thomson Learning: . Order mainten (MORE)

What police department have 50 police?

In Chicago prior to the Summerdale scandal there were 49 police stations. That was cut to 21 by O.W. Wilson in 1961. Currently there are 25 police stations in Chicago There are over 12,500 different police department in the US. They range from one officer to over 30,000 officers. Chciago is suppos (MORE)

What weapons do police departments use?

In the US the most commonly carried service weapon these days is the semi-automatic pistol in several different calibers (9mm, 10 mm, 40 cal, and 45 cal). In the minority are some departmentswhich still issue (and many officers still prefer to carry) revolvers in either .38 cal, 357 magnum cal, or 4 (MORE)

What is the safest police department to work for?

I think that all police departments have certain risks, and even the most secure one will have its flaws. So, personally, unless you live in a perfect community (highly unlikely), then you wont find a safest police department. On the other hand, you can find a safer department to work for. A p (MORE)

What is the largest police department in the world?

It's difficult to say, since in some countries the military also functions as the police. However, most view the New York City Police Department as the largest department in the world. They have about 37,000 police officers.

When was the NY police department created?

Although from the earliest days of Dutch settlement there was always a "watch" of some type that patrolled the town, the fist established police force of approximately 800 men under the first Chief of Police, George W. Matsell, began to patrol the City in July of 1845.

Uses of computer in police department?

Tracking Advanced global positioning satellite (GPS) technology and cell phone ubiquity has provided law enforcement officials with additional resources to track and investigate criminal activity. By incorporating tower triangulation, most cell phone users can be traced to a location that is relat (MORE)

Which police department has jurisdiction at LAX?

The Airport Division of the LAPD, as well as the LA County SO. Another answer : LAX has its own Police Agency. The LAX Police are City of Los Angeles employees, just like LAPD, the LA Port Police, and General Services Police. LAPD has a substation at LAX, which they run a support mission an (MORE)

What police departments do not have guns?

Outside of the United States, it's fairly common for police officers to be unarmed under routine circumstances. English police, for example, do not usually carry firearms on their persons (unless you are really tetchy and count the c.s spray as a firearm). There are "armed response units" where side (MORE)

What are the positions in a municipal police department?

Law enforcement agencies have two types of employees: sworn (sometimes called "commissioned") and non-sworn. Sworn employees have badges, guns and police powers. Non-sworn employees, such as telecommunications operators, clerks, technicians, executive assistants and others perform non-enforcement du (MORE)

What are the roles of a county police department?

The following was taken from Wikipedia: County police tend to exist only in metropolitan counties and have countywide jurisdiction. In some areas, there is a sheriff's department which only handles minor issues such as service of papers such as a constable in other areas, along with security for (MORE)

What are the levels in police department?

I'm not completely sure what you want to know,but I hope this helps Reserve Officer Police Corporal Police Sergeant Police Lieutenant Police Captain Deputy Chief Police Chief Those are in order of salary,top being lowest and bottom being highest.

What is the motto of police department?

To protect and to serve. Another View: Many (most?) departments have their own motto and the while the above is popular, it is not a universal answer. For example - the motto of the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police is Justitia Omnibus - 'Justice for All'.

What does CR mean at the police department?

Criminal. Another View: The initials, or acronym, "CR" is much too indefinite to give any definition. Abbreviations are too widely used, are not standardized, and may have widely different meanings in different agencies.

What is the pay for police departments?

I hope this helps Rank Minimum Salary Maximum Salary . Police Chief. $90,570. $113,930. Deputy Chief. $74,834. $96,209. Police Captain. $72,761. $91,178. Police Lieutenant. $65,688. $79,268. Police Sergeant. $58,739. $70,349. Police Corporal. $49,421. $61,173. Reserve Of (MORE)

What are the police department policy of police brutality?

It depends on the particular department. The general opinion among police officers is that the term is used too much and is used as a weapon by criminals and people with agendas. Usually, there is an internal affairs or professional standards office within the department. They investigate ALL police (MORE)

Who is the head of the police department?

A police department is usually headed by a chief, appointed by the city government A sheriff department is headed by a sheriff, who is elected into office every four years A state police / highway patrol agency is usually headed by a commissioner who is appointed by the state's governor

Are police departments tax funded?

Yes, with the exception of privatised security/guard forces. Your town/city, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies are all government agencies which are funded by taxpayers. Private security forces are typically financed by a company whose property they secure, either as a direct subsi (MORE)

How do you find info on a police department?

Not really enough information is known about what you want to know. It all depends on WHAT type of information you are looking for. For recruiting or job information, it will depend on the size of the department as to whether they have a recruiting office or you just walk in off the street and ask t (MORE)

What departments are in a police station?

Almost impossible to answer. While many police departments are housed in their own building(s), many others share space in a Municipal Center, or other type multi-use building, which may house MANY departments of municipal or state government.

How does the police department protect the eldery?

The police protect EVERYBODY equally, but through Community Relations reaches out to the older community mainly by trying to make them aware of particular scams and offenses which are likely to be commmitted against them due to their age and reduced functioning.

How does police department help a fire department?

Police departments usually assist with traffic control at vehicleaccidents and fires. Police are also usually called to assist withunruly patients. Some agencies also have police officers respond to medicalemergencies to assist medical responders. Departments that do thisusually require their police (MORE)

How are police departments districted?

In those departments which are divided into several precincts or sub-districts (usually larger agencies) it is usually based on population distribution.