How do they dress in Tanzania?

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tanzania has many different tribes. most tribes have their distinctive dress. common in tanzania and east africa is the kanga, a cotton shawl bearing traditional swahili proverbs and words of wisdom. it is used by women as a skirt and headscarf and by man instead of a kanzu (kaftan)
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Where is Tanzania?

Tanzania is a country of East-central Africa . Tanzania is an EastAfrican nation known for its boundless wild ranges.

What do they eat in Tanzania?

some of the main foods are: ugali, pilaw, chappati, beans and rise.. many "restaurants" serve delicious roasted meat, and pomme frites.

What can you do in Tanzania?

Just a couple of suggestions: . You can go on a wildlife safari . You can hike Mount Kilimanjaro/Mount Meru You can also go on a Coffee/Banana plantation tour and a wa

What is tanzania capital?

Dodoma is the capital of Tanzania.Tanzania is rich in heritage andnatural beauty.It is a famous place for safari. If you want to buya safari package for visit then One -Way To

What was Tanzania before Tanzania?

In colonial times, Tanzania was not formed yet. It was formed from a colony named Tanganyika and an island named Zanzibar. In 1900, Tanganyika was governed by the Germans, an

Does it snow in Tanzania?

No actually, last time I checked it does NOT snow in Africa. Actually, on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro is gets to be quite cold around -15 degrees celcius, and it does snow on the

Why multipartism in Tanzania?

The western politics largely pressurized the multipartism democracy in Tanzania that is all she was not ready by the time.