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How do water molecules dissolve in water?

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Water molecules dont necessarily dissolve in water. Because water is a polar molecule, it has a slightly positive and slightly negative side to each molecule. The positive and negative sides of each water molecule are attracted to other positive and negative sides of other water molecules.
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How does water dissolve water?

Well, if you add water to water, the first water dissolves into the second water. But when that happens, it just makes more water. That shows that water does not dissolve wa

What happens to the molecules of a solid such as a sugar cube when it dissolves in water?

Here's how it goes: the sugar cube is made up of a bunch of sugar crystals, each made of a specific number of sugar molecules (I think six, but I'm not sure). It is a polar mo

Why polar molecules dissolve in water?

polar molecules dissolve in water because it has abunequal electrical charge

What is dissolved in water?

Substances that all living things

What can water dissolve?

  water can dissolve: coco,milo,hot chocolate coffee sugar salt