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How do whales and dolphins breathe?

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Whales and dolphins are mammals and must breathe air to survive. Furthermore, unlike humans and other mammals, they are 'voluntary breathers', which means they must physically remember to go to the surface and breathe!

Depending on the species of whale or dolphin, lung capacity differs. But, they all return to the surface of the water, open a blowhole on the top of their heads (a watertight valve) expel air and quickly take in new before going down below the water's surface.

Through their blowhole.
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Do dolphins and whales breathe with their gills?

They can't. Dolphins and Whales have lungs, not gills. they have toSurface to Breathe. They hold their breath while diving.

How do whales and dolphins breathe underwater?

Both whales and dolphins are mammals, they do not breath underwater. Although, they do have a high lung capacity which allows them to stay under water for a long period of tim

Do whales and dolphins breathe?

yes They are mammals and must come to the suface to breathe. Their nose is one the top of their head. When you see mist come up from one, that means it's breathing!!

Is a dolphin whale?

No, but the orca also known as a killer whale is both a dolphin and a whale.