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Whales and dolphins are mammals and must breathe air to survive. Furthermore, unlike humans and other mammals, they are 'voluntary breathers', which means they must physically remember to go to the surface and breathe!

Depending on the species of whale or dolphin, lung capacity differs. But, they all return to the surface of the water, open a blowhole on the top of their heads (a watertight valve) expel air and quickly take in new before going down below the water's surface.

Through their blowhole.
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How do dolphins breathe?

Dolphins breathe by using their blow holes and blowing air constantly so they can actually breathe. Dolphins breathe through a hole on the top of their heads called a blowhole

How do whales breathe?

they breathe through an air hole in the back of they head and they must come up from under the water to the waters surface to inhale air through their air hole.  Yes!

How does dolphin breathe?

Dolphins, whales, and porpoises breath through their blowholes at the top of their hands when they come up to the surface.

Is dolphin a whale?

Yes, dolphins are the kind of whales. They are the smallest whale.

How do whales and dolphins breathe underwater?

Both whales and dolphins are mammals, they do not breath underwater. Although, they do have a high lung capacity which allows them to stay under water for a long period of tim

Is a dolphin and a killer whale the same?

Well, kind of. A killer whale is a kind of dolphin. And the killer whale (also known as an orca) may eat a dolphin sometimes. It may also eat a small whale. They got their nic

Where do whales breathe from?

You might think that whales breathe in and out of their blowhole -- But i'm fairly sure that actually, whales breathe in through their mouths. They come up to the surface, bre

How does a whale breathe?

Whales are mammals and must breathe air. They breathe not through their huge mouths, but through their blow-hole, which is on the top of their body near the front. They have t

How are whales and dolphins different to fishes?

killer whales are mammels there for need to come up to take in air.fish however can breath under water.fish also lay eggs but killer whales and dolphins give birth to a smalle

How does a dolphin breathe?

Dolphins swim to the surface and breathe through a blow-hole located on the top of their head.   When a dolphin is sleeping it only sleeps with one side of the brain sleepi

Are beluga whales Dolphins or whales?

No, a beluga whale is a Whale. Actually, belugas are somewhere in between. Bigger than most of the true dolphins (Delphinidae), they are smaller than most of the whales. Belu