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How do you attach plastic to copper plumbing?

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all hardware stores sell adaptors to change from copper to plastic. You solder the adaptor to the copper pipe and attach the plastic pipe to this adaptor using screw clamps to tighten the plastic pipe on the adaptor. To be honest. This answer seems like a bush plumbers answer. To be technically correct. In order for you to connect plastic piping to copper piping one fitting is used and it is called a conex fitting, otherwise called cxc fitting. It has a nut and ring on either side of the joint and this type of fitting can be used on either copper or plastic making it ideal. As you tighten the nut the ring inside tightens onto either the plastic or copper making a water tight connection. It is said above that soldering a copper joint and then attaching it to the plastic pipe is the way but in my experience if you try do that, the heat from the soldering will melt the plastic pipe. Take the safer route and more professional route and use conex fittings.
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