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How do you become a lawyer or a prosecutor in Myanmar?

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At first, you need to go to the university as a law student.After you completed your degree in law major you have to choose three different ways such as a Judicial officer, prosecutor and private lawyer.If you want to be a public servant officer in the law field as a judge or law officer(solicitor) have to entry for the concerned examination board, then if you pass the exam you will attend the public servant training school about five months for general administration course and eventually you will become a judge or public solicitor.But if you choose the way of private lawyer its more difficult than field of law in government sector.After you accomplished your law degree, you need to apply for the permit as a apprentice lawyer at the Supreme Court.During these apprentice period you have to make ensure the practice the way how to liaise with the judicial office,the clients and the society within a year.After all you can apply to the supreme court,attached with satisfied documents of your legal training master to get a higher grade pleader license certificate.
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