Southeast Asian country formerly named Burma but renamed Myanmar in 1989

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Currency Trading

How can send money from US to Myanmar?

Hello, i have found this article that may help. Maybe email the myanmar times for more info

My grandmother send's money to my relatives through a monk. Basically...sending money to Burma is an arduous task..their are a lot of restriction from foreign policies and outsiders/

Adjectives and Articles

What is the proper adjective for a person of Myanmar?

Since the original name of Myanmar is Burma the people of Myanmar are still being called as Burmese. refers to it's people as 'Myanmar people'.

Borders and Boundaries

How many Indian States border Myanmar?

4 states

Southeast Asia

Why burma called Myanmar today?

It is one and the same thing. The area of Burma is part of the Union of Myanmar. It is located in an area called IndoChina and is bordered by China, Thailand and some other small South East Asian places.

World War 2
Protests, Riots and Civil Unrest

What is the Burma Road Riot?

"The crowd of workers, now buttressed by women and children from the black over-the-hill neighborhoods, gathered outside of the government buildings at Public Square. Attorney General Eric Hallinan addressed the workers from the steps of the Colonial Secretary's office hoping to mollify them. ... He warned them to be careful "not spoil the good impression that they had made." ... Although there were reports that some of the laborers threw their sticks in a heap and went home when they heard this news, for the most part, the crowd became even more incensed. Mr. Christie, Captain Sears and a number of others tried to convince the mob to go home but to no avail. Eventually, a group of men broke off from the main assemblage, tired of listening to what they must have thought was cheap talk. They headed down Bay Street, "smashing as they went."" Quoted from "Bay Street and the 1942 Riot: Social Space and Identity Work in the Bahamas" by Nona Patara Martin and Virgil Henry Storr.

"The June 1st 1942 labor action that began outside the city center but culminated in a riot on Bay Street was an important event in the country's history. It spoke to the growing dissatisfaction of the Bahamas' black majority with the (very real if relatively mild) system of apartheid that hemmed them in politically, economically and socially. It demonstrated the willingness of the hitherto silent black majority to stand up to their colonial masters and the local ruling white oligarchy. It signaled the beginning of the end of second class citizenship for blacks in the Bahamas. Therefore, this riot continues to occupy a unique place in the Bahamian imagination and has helped to cement Bay Street as the important center in the Bahamas." Quoted from "Bay Street and the 1942 Riot: Social Space and Identity Work in the Bahamas" by Nona Patara Martin and Virgil Henry Storr.

"The reaction of the white administrators and Bay Street merchants was a mixture of belligerence and pani, while the brown and black middle class expressed shock and disowned the actions of the mob. " Quoted from Islanders in the Stream: A History of the Bahamian People (From the Ending of Slavery to the Twenty-First Century) by Michael Craton and Gail Saunders.

"The construction project promised a relative bonanza for the local unemployed, a chance to sell their labor for something like the rates they knew were normal on the mainland ... Unknown to them, however, the Bahamas government had agreed to peg local wages for unskilled labor at the rates established in 1936." Quoted from Islanders in the Stream: A History of the Bahamian People (From the Ending of Slavery to the Twenty-First Century) by Michael Craton and Gail Saunders.

"The 1942 riot in Nassau was a short-lived spontaneous outburst by a group of disgruntled labourers, and occured against a background of narrow socio-economic and political policies." Quoted from "The 1942 riot in Nassau: A demand for Change?" by Gail Saunders.

"The Nassau riot of 1942 was the last in the series of riots and strikes that occurred throughout the British West Indies after 1934." Quoted from "The 1942 riot in Nassau: A demand for Change?" by Gail Saunders.


Classify the states into 4 groups each having common frontiers with Pakistan china myanmar Bangladesh?


China and Bangladesh have got 5 states with common frontier whereas Pakistan & Myanmar have 4 states each with common frontiers

Pakistan - Gujarat, Rajasthan ,Punjab,Jammu & Kashmir

Bangladesh-West Bengal,Assam,Meghalaya,Tripura, Mizoram

China-Jammu & Kashmir,Himachal Pradesh,Uttarakand,Sikkim,Arunachal pradesh

Myanmar-Arunachal pradesh,Nagaland,Manipur,Mizoram

Countries, States, and Cities

Where is Burma?

Southeastern Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between Bangladesh and Thailand.
Burma, now called Myanmar is located in souther Asia. It's borderd by India and the Inidan ocean to the west, China to the north, Laos and Thailand to the east and Malaysia to the south.

Math and Arithmetic
History of Science

Why Liberia and Burma use the same measuring system as US?

The Imperial system of measurement came from England. At one time, England dominated most of he world with their powerful navy and established a colony in what is now the USA.

Britain ruled Burma, (now officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar,) from 1824 to 1948 so they imposed their system of weights and measures.

Liberia was set up by citizens of the United States as a colony for former African-American slaves. The USA used Imperial measurement so they would establish Imperial measurement in their colony.

Wood Crafts

Does teak wood come from Burma?

Burma is now more correctly Myanmar.

Teak is exported from many countries including Myanmar, India, Vietnam, Laos, Nigeria.


What was Myanmar once called?


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Countries, States, and Cities

What is the capital of Myanmar?

The capital city of Myanmar (Burma) is Naypyidaw.

Countries, States, and Cities

How rich is general than shwe of Burma?

5 trillion networth

Sri Lanka
Air Travel

In which direction would you travel by airplane to go from sri lanka to myanmar?

Northeast is your answer!! :)


What are the basic problems in Myanmar?

Problems of Myanmar:

The basic problems of Myanmar can be classified into three areas: poverty, dictatorship, and illegal markets. First, the economy is improvised and largely based on sustenance agriculture where people are just trying to survive. In such poverty healthcare and education are unaffordable. Myanmar is one of the poorest nations in the world with a per capita income of under $500 per year which is similar to Afghanistan's. Therefore, it is one of the 25 poorest nations in the world out of almost 200 nations. The second, and most dire, problem is the tyrannous dictatorship now ruling the nation. A small group of military leaders and their family and friends use the nation's resources to benefit themselves or increase the military in order to keep control. The military has doubled from 400,000 over the last decade. All land is technically owned by the government. Rich resources like oil, natural gas, timber, gold, and gems are exploited for the benefit of the ruling class. Hydroelectric dams are displacing thousands as well as forced emigration of ethnic groups the regime doesn't like. Agricultural chemicals are overused, or illegal chemicals, are used to increase crop yields thus destroying the environment so as to build a cash export rice crop. Malnutrition ravages the people of Myanmar due to the best land being used for export markets. Even the forests are being depleted for export. Third, illegal border and trans-border markets are increasing illegal trade. Tiger and leopard skins are sold to rich foreign souvenir hunters, live turtles sold almost to extinction, Asian elephants killed for ivory, and humans trafficked like animals of burden. Young boys and girls are often sold by their family's in desperation due to lack of food or opportunities. These children are sold as servants or sex slaves mostly in Thailand but also to other Asian nations. I, Thaddeus Andreski, have been a social studies teacher for seven years now and stay abreast of conditions in Asia and the world.

World War 2
Australia in WW2
Japan in WW2

How did World War 2 affect the POWs on the Burma railway?

The POWs that were posted to build the Burma railway endured unimaginable conditions. Starvation was common and many troops died from malnutrition and disease. No medical facilities were available for the soldiers, resulting in thousands of deaths on the railway. The scars which the POWs received would stay with them both physically and mentally forever. They should be treated with the utmost respect and admiration for what they went through. They were lucky to get out at all.

I notice that neither of the above answers talks about the brutal way in which the Japanese guards treated the Allied POW's. Beatings were common, and many prisoners were killed by being kicked to death, or by being be-headed with a sword. No limits were placed on the punishment, by the Japanese officers, who considered the POWS to be "unworthy " of respect because they had "surrendered " instead of fighting and dying.

A Allied POW held by the Japanese was 9 times more likely to DIE, than if he was a German prisoner of war.

Cruises and Ocean Liners

What two countries border Myanmar to the west?

Just a guess - Bangladesh and Bhutan ? not Bhutan. it's Bangladish

Pertanyaan dalam Bahasa Indonesia

Siapa nama president myanmar?

Jawabannya Perdana Mentri Thein Shin

Southeast Asia

Do government leaders follow the rule of law in burma or Myanmar?

No. The military government in Myanmar is beyond the authority of the law. They cannot be sued or indicted on any charge. Additionally, legal and court proceedings are heavily influenced by the executive, resulting in the arrest and detainment of individuals for political reasons as opposed to legal reasons.

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Is Burma a developing country?

Yea, It is. Between 1974 and 1988, Burma was effectively ruled by Ne Win through the Burma Socialist Program Party, which was ran by a guy called Ne Win from 1974 to 1988. He was a military junta, just another politician from that part of the world, in which most are corrupt. Burma has had a very long civil war which started in 1948 there was fighting between the government of burma and most of the tribes that slowly became militant. Alot of people have died because of the Burmese government and their lack of intellect. So yes it is developing, and its deffinetely a third world country.

Hope this helps. Soz for the long message.

Sri Lanka
Air Travel

'What direction would you travel to go from Sri Lanka to Myanmar?


Greek and Roman Mythologies

What does this excerpt reveal about the temperaments and psyche of the burma?

You need to include the excerpt.


What are the names of three seasons in Burma?

summer, rainy and winter

Countries, States, and Cities

What geographic feature played a role in the historical episode described Khyber Pass Brenner Pass Burma Pass?

The Delaware River.

World War 2
Army Rangers

How do you find information on 'The Burma Doctor' Dr Gordon Seagrave who was well known for his mobile clinics during World War 2 in CBI Theater?

Dr Seagrave wrote two autobiographical books, one titled "Burma Surgeon" and the other "Waste Basket Surgery", based on his experiences. You might find them in the library.

Dr. Seagrave was a medical missionary before the war. My father was an Army medical officer in the CBI theater during WW II and met Dr. Seagrave. I've read a book belonging to my father about Dr. Seagrave titled: "Burma Surgeon" Gordon Seagrave was my husband's great grandfather. He also wrote a book titled "Waste Basket Surgery" about his surgeries preformed. This is also a very interesting book. Your best web search is "Burma Surgeon" or "Gordon Stifler Seagrave". The Doctor and Colonel was quite the hero and humanitarian. He performed surgery on the wounded along the Burma Road while marching in retreat from the Japanese. He earned medals for valor from Britain, Burma, and the US; an exceptional man.

He had five children, four boys + one girl. One of the boys drowned at an early age. His son Sterling is an accomplished author (I wonder if he is still in hiding from the Chinese Mafia?), and along with Weston and the third son, all are unspoken war heros in their own right. Weston was an excellent cook, mastering many dishes from the Burma region.

World War 2
China in WW2

What countries fought in India Burma and parts of China in the Pacific front of World War 2?

Troops from Burma, China, Great Britain & her Commonwealth (including Indian troops) & the United States fought in the China-Burma-India (CBI) Theatre during WW 2. Richard V. Horrell WW 2


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