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How do you become an insurance claims specialist?

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Most insurance companys require a four year college degree (in just about anything) without prior experience. If you have experience in insurance, body work/shop, construction etc, you may be able to get hired without the degree. Simply apply with any companys you would like to work (there are several web sites, one you might want to check is greatinsurancejobs.com) for there is a long interview process and back ground checks prior to being hired. Any bad driving records generally will get you eliminated immediated, (dui etc), also for obvious reasons, (you are carrying in effect mulit million or billion dollar check books), any felonys/fraud problems will not get you hired. Once you are hired the company will have their own training programs, most will require (at first) a two week training at where ever their training facilities are. Then depending on what type of adjuster you are, there is other training. If you do not have a degree, you could get hired, in a clerical capasity then attempt to 'move up', if you like more details, please don't hesitate to ask, I'll help if I can.........good luck ............
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