How do you become friends on babydow?

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ok step by step this is how you become friends on babydow
once you have logged in click on the tab that's says friend,
next click add 'a friend'
enter their username in the search engine and hit enter,
once you have found who your looking for click the 'add a friend button'
and tada you have added a friend i hope this helped:)
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How do you add a friend in Babydow?

go to a baby, then click "games", then "play with a friend" and then click add a friend, and it is very easy from there. You can add me, "giraffe2149"

On babydow how do you delete a requested friend?

If they requested to be your friend already it should be in your mail box at the top the click on the message and deny. BUT!! if you accidently accepted it *is wat ur tryna sa

How do you become a godmother on babydow?

Go on someones card click on the baby you want and under the best friend it says the baby don't have a godmother and you will notice that it is a link well click the link and

How do you add people as a friend on babydow?

you log onto your account and once your logged on go to the little top button that says FRIENDS. click on the button that says FRIENDS there's a small link that says ADD A FRI

Where is become godparent tab on babydow?

Well first of all, you can't become a godparent until one of your babies is in school. After one of them is in school you simply go to the child you want to be your godchild,
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How do you send friend requests on babydow?

At the top of the page there is a page called 'friends'. Click it, then click the 'add a friend'. Search a user and then click the 'add as a friend' button next to the player.