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How do you bypass K9 web filter without deleting the process and not using the calculator?

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The only way to get around K9 is to follow their steps

1) on xp go to start and click on run... then type in cmd . a box will show up where you can type in the command prompts. type ping (space) then the URL of the website.the numbers that apparent open your browser and type the numbers ONLY (.com!!! ) (is this don't work do step 2)

2)in command prompts type vtunnel.com .Do step 2
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Bypass k9 web protection?

The best workaround is one of the simplest, it contains just 2 steps 1) Get to the screen telling you that K9 is not responding. If you are an administrator, just find the s

How do you bypass k9?

The method to disable/bypass K9 might take a while for some users, but it's relatively simple and works flawlessly. Get a K9 licence from the Blue Coat website (http://www1.k9

How do you delete k9 web protection without administrater?

The above does not work. THis one actually works. Go to control panel on the start menu. In Control Panel, click device manager. Once you are in device manager, look at the t

Is there are way to disable K9 web filter?

  well, you have to be an administrator on your computer, but you go to C local disk, then Program files, go to the folder with K9 and delete some files, make sure the fol

How do you remove k9 web protection without the password?

Alright.. I've made it a goal to tackle this problem and after countless frustrating hours I've finally figured it out This is a totally safe way to remove k9 web protection
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What are bypass filters used for?

Bypass filters are used for any person that wishes to bypass something, such as a quiz, or survey that a website is making them take to get to the next page that the person wa
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How do you bypass a school's web filters?

That would involve hacking - which is  illegal ! We, in the Wiki community will  not help you break the law ! The web-filters are  there for your own protection - as well a