How do you change a headlight bulb on a Hyundai Tiburon?

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Headlight bulb Question Answered,I have owned a 03 supercharged 593.8 hp/473.2 ft./lbs GTV6 6-spd, 05 GTV6 353hp/419 ft./lb shark ed. 5-spd auto tiptronic, and now a 06 de-tuned 273hp/ Tuscani 6-spd, I have modded them beyond fast and furious standards, no gawdy stickers and vinyls, only a jekyll and hyde sleepers.
The headlights can be taken out two ways : Mounted (still bolted) and dismounted (removed from car). Easy task
Mounted is kind of tight and difficult to work with due to the battery being in the way, and having to worm your hands around it to remove the palm-sized screw caps that seal the wiring harness from contamination and water. After removing the cap, the bulbs are held in with pressure clip that is like a paper-clip in size, that holds the bulb flush with the socket, the clip is very delicate and the housing that holds it in place can be broken (resulting in a new headlight <not covered under warantee!>) push it in toward the bulb and down and it will release from the hook, the bulb will fall loose from the housing, the bulb is completely free if it is not attached to the wiring harness; breakage could result. replace the bulb in each headlight using this same method, High beam and low beam H7's are the same, so mixing is not a issue.
Now here's the clincher, when replacing the bulbs into the headlight housings, the peg that sticks out from the h7 bulb is very important for proper alignment or your headlights will be pointing in some god-awful direction when you drive at night. Treat the housing like a clock face, as you are not in the engine bay, and probably leaning over the headlight looking at the socket in a upside-down manner, starting on the driver side.... the asphalt is 12, the radiator support is 6, the radiator is 9 and the fender is 3. reversed on the opposite side. for low beams (the halo-style light) the peg points at 12, and then is mounted with the locking clip (if the bulb is not positioned correctly, the clip will be very difficult to put back into place) The high beam (has two places for the peg to go,DO NOT point the peg at 12 o'clock.) on the driver side is positioned with the peg pointing at about 10 o'clock, and then on the passenger side at 2 o' clock, replace the clips (the h.beam clips are just as easy as the low beams, But if not positioned properly you'll almost break fingers trying to push the clip back into place, and risk damage to the headlight altogether.)
The dismounted position is the easiest, but more time consuming, a 10mm socket and a small plug removal is all that is needed to separate the headlight from the body, two mounting bolts on the radiator support and one located next to the grill in the nose, once the bolts are removed VERY SLOWLY pull the headlight from the body, it will snag in two places, the plug in the back, and the plastic from the grill, remove the plug from the rear of the headlight, then lightly pry the plastic while removing the headlight, no plastic damage will result if care is exercised.. replacement is the reverse of removal. (and DO NOT DROP THE HEADLIGHT!!)
Also headlight removal is the only way to replace the corner lights, so if you want to put some aftermarket bulbs in there, now is the time to do it... on the 05-present models use 1157 Silverstar bulbs (29.99 at advance auto parts), they look awesome on any color paint.
Also do *not* use super bright h7 and high intensity eBay bulbs, the sheer amount of heat will melt the headlight.A headlight costs 300 bucks. The best bulbs to use are Silverstar(34.99x2) and silverstar Ultra(49.99x2), or buy the High intensity discharge kit from Shark
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