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If you're checking your own pulse, you can check either wrist, where you might see the throbbing of the pulse, or either side of your neck, using the minute hand of your watch, for a minute. IF you are checking someone else's pulse, the same principles apply as use above. Just be careful not to use your thumb to check wrist pulses or you might actually be counting your own.
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How do you check your pulse?

By applying two of your fingers to your neck or wrist (where the major veins are) and pressing lightly. You should then be able to tell how many times you feel a slight "tap'

Where do you check your pulse?

You can check your pulse by putting two fingers on your wrist, or putting two fingers on the side of your neck. Either place works for checking your pulse. but i would try the

Where do you check for a pulse on an infant?

For infants you can check the pulse by using the apical pulse, or heart beat with a stethascope, or using your index and middle finger to feel for a brachial pulse on the uppe

How do you check an infant pulse?

Use your pointer and middle finger to check pulse and do mouth to mouth as usual. Use the 'Brachial' pulse instead of the carotid, rather not stick your fingers into baby's ne

Where do you check the pulse on an adult victim?

If you are refering to checking for a pulse during CPR, you check it at the carotid artery, by placing your fingers just below the jaw line in the neck. If you are refering t

Why check distal pulses?

i have no idea as i am confuddled as well please ask another question ps no-one else can answer this question as i have already answerd

Where do you check the pulse of a horse?

Under the jaw, just on the back side of the large round bone. You  place your thumb on the front of the jaw and your other fingers  behind the jaw and feel for the pulse in

How do you check a childs pulse?

You would do this the same way you would go about it for an adult, just more delicate. 1) Place 2 fingers on the inside of the wrist, right below the base of their hand. or 2)