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If you're checking your own pulse, you can check either wrist, where you might see the throbbing of the pulse, or either side of your neck, using the minute hand of your watch, for a minute. IF you are checking someone else's pulse, the same principles apply as use above. Just be careful not to use your thumb to check wrist pulses or you might actually be counting your own.
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How do you check the pulse of a duck?

  I've always had better luch with a stethoscope. If you're not a vet or someone who pulses ducks every day, that'd be my recommendation for you too. It's easy for profess

How do you check a baby's pulse?

It can be quite hard to feel a baby's pulse but the best place is the brachial artery which is located on the inside of the arm just above the elbow (Where the elbow crease is

How long do you check your pulse rate?

A pulse rate can be checked for 6 seconds( the number counted is then multiplied by 10), it can be checked for 10 seconds ( the resulting number is multiplied by 6), or it can

How do you check injector pulse?

There are several ways. Most people use what is called a noid light. To use a noid light you unplug a fuel injector and plug a noid light in to the harness. You turn the engin

Is there a place in your leg to check your pulse?

Yes! Four different spots - Femoral pulse - at the top of your leg in the groin area in the centre of the leg Popliteal pulse - behind the knee (pretty deep so it can be d

Why check carotid pulse in CPR?

When people go into cardiac arrest, their body usually cuts off most circulation to their extremities to keep the core of their body alive. So, a patient could have a very wea

Check pulse during CPR?

Not for an adult; but it is still required for children and infants.

Where do you check the pulse on an adult victim?

If you are refering to checking for a pulse during CPR, you check it at the carotid artery, by placing your fingers just below the jaw line in the neck. If you are refering t

How can you check a cats pulse?

The first step in learning how to take your cat's pulse, is to feel the inside of her/his hind leg where it meets the femoral artery. This can be done while your cat is in a s