How do you chose a global positioning system?

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1) Design: In-dash or portable unit or smart phone app: In-dash have more functions available and can come already installed in a vehicle. Portable units can be moved from car to car but will have wires that may get in the way.

2) Check the location of the antenna. Try to get the best exposure to the sky for the type of GPS you want.

3) Advanced Features: just navigation or are there other features you might want to use such as real time traffic reports, live fuel pricing, weather reports.

4) Voice commands so that the driver won't be trying to enter information while driving unless you usually have a passenger who can enter the information. Some units lock the keyboard and touch screen while the vehicle is moving.

5) Price and installation

6) Size and viewing performance of the screen: a larger screen may be easier to see and read, but more likely to be affected by sunlight
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What is an electronic global positioning system?

Answer . \n\n. \nGlobal Positioning System (GPS) \nConcise Encyclopedia Article Page\n. \nPrecise satellite-based navigation and location system originally developed for U.S. military use.\n. \nGPS is a fleet of more than 24 communica (MORE)

What are advantages of global positioning systems?

Advantages of GPS Depending on what you are using it for, and the rating of your system it could be invaluable. I have a hand held and lap-top connected GPS. The advantages of having either is determining your exact position. While traveling through Albany, GA, I became lost. Looking for a place to (MORE)

How does a global positioning system work?

For the gps global position system, the satellites orbiting Earth is the basis. Each satellite orbits earth twice a day on one of six separate orbital paths. The Department of Defense created the system, which was originally for military purpose. In 1983, the civilians got the right to use the syste (MORE)

What is the function of the Global Positioning System - GPS?

It was not until the 20th century that ground-based radio navigation systems were introduced. Some are still in use today. GPS is a satellite radio navigation system, but the first systems were ground-based. They work in the same way as does GPS: users (receivers) calculate how far away they are f (MORE)

What is the typical altitude for a global positioning system satellite?

Orbiting at an altitude of approximately 20,200 kilometers (12,600 miles or 10,900 nautical miles; orbital radius of 26,600 km (16,500 mi or 14,400 NM)), each SV makes two complete orbits each sidereal day. [10] The ground track of each satellite therefore repeats each (sidereal) day. This is a (MORE)

What is global positioning systems?

A global positioning system is a system to help navigate where youare on the planet. It is guided by satellites and works in any typeof weather.

What are the disadvantages of the global positioning system?

Cost . Purchasing a GPS based on price can be a major disadvantage. If you purchase a " bargain GPS," you will get what you pay for, and features such as traffic and up-to-date maps could be lacking.. Reception . GPS devices are limited by having clear access to the satellites that provide t (MORE)

How does the global positioning system work?

It uses similar theory as in the old days when ships took bearings on known reference points to chart its current location. Instead of bearing angles, GPS uses distances from the satellites (the satellites are constantly moving, (to keep up with the same spot on earth) but they 'know' where they are (MORE)

What is global position system?

A Global Positioning Device or GPS is a portable navigation system.It uses a satellite to give the user time and location informationno matter the conditions almost anywhere on Earth.

Why do businesses use Global Positioning System?

My husband is a long haul trucker. The company he works for uses GPS to track the trucks and estimate their arrival times, etc. It is very helpful for dispatch so that they can co-ordinate unloading and reloading.

What is the purpose of global positioning system?

Global Positioning System has numerous applications. The earliest application was military. Boaters were the first civilians to use GPS extensively for navigation, as dead reckoning is prone to error. Many high-end cars have a GPS navigation system which serves much the same purpose as a marine GPS. (MORE)

Why are Global Positioning Systems important?

GPS which is the global positioning systems are important in agriculture because it helps farmers in ditecting the amount of nitrogen,phosphorus required in the soil.It is a quit expensive and advanced agricultural system and is mostly used by large scale famers. They are also used by commercial s (MORE)

Global Positioning System how does it work?

It works by receiving very accurate time signals from several satellites and working out the time taken by these signals to reach you - with some accurate and clever Mathematics.

Why do you need Global Positioning System?

A Global Positioning System, or GPS for short, is useful for many travelers and everyday commuters. Plug in your destination, and it tells aloud the directions to your destination. The newer types of GPS' have inserts that can tell you the nearest gas stations, restaurants, where you are, when you g (MORE)

When was the global positioning system created?

The design of the GPS itself is similar to ground-based radio navigation systems used in World War II. More inspiration for the GPS came in 1957, when the Soviets launched Sputnik. A group of American scientists were tracking the satellite when they realized that the frequency of the signal was stro (MORE)

What do you mean by global positioning system?

The global positioning system (GPS) is a series of satellites in orbit around the earth, that can "talk" to any GPS receiver on the ground, and that receiver will show it's location on earth to withing about 20-30 feet in any direction. Also, a particular place one visits (an especially beautiful sp (MORE)

What reason the atomic clocks used in global positioning system?

For the simple reason that atomic clocks are highly accurate - usually only gaining or losing one second over thousands of years. High accuracy is vital in GPS systems - otherwise the maps would be out of alignment as you travelled. As an example - One of the most recent atomic clocks constructed (MORE)

What does position have to do with Global Positioning System?

GPS provides position/location information. It is similar to that the phone company can track you phone location with the signal strength received by at least 2 cell phone towers. If only one cell phone tower, the phone signal can only be interpreted as that the phone is somewhere in the circle of a (MORE)

What is Global satellite Positioning System?

GPS is a precision navigation system developed for the US military and maintained by the US Air Force Space Command in El Segundo, CA. The initial specifications were written in the early 1980s. The system consists of a constellation of at least 24 transmitting satellites, so that 12 will always be (MORE)

What are advantages of global positioning system in fishing?

GPS can be used to precisely located and target fish. Using commercially-available systems, it can successfully track a location within several feet. GPS systems can also be electronically connected to boats' steering systems and can be connected to an automatic pilot to position the boat exactly. (MORE)

What does global positioning systems do?

GPS is used to tell where the location of the reciever is. Each satalite sends out a coded BEEP at known intervals. Once the first BEEP is detected, then when the 2nd is received, there is a straight line bisecting the earth and continuing on in both directions out into space. This line is the only (MORE)

How do global positioning system locate objects on earth?

The GPS receiver, receives time signals from satellites overhead. The difference in time, for the signal to reach the receiver on earth, will be different from each satellite and can be measured. The time differences are applied to a mathematical formula and give the position on earth, in three (MORE)

Can you remove a global positioning system if your still paying for a car?

My first reaction when I read this question: If, when you were involved in an accident, the person or dealer whosold it to you would expect you to pay the costs to repair it, then youprobably have the right to make modifications to it, or do anything you wantto it. If you bought the car from a dea (MORE)

How many users can the global positioning system have?

The 24 GPS satellites really have no practical limit on the number of users. All the satellites do is to transmit a radio signal. There could be a billion GPS receivers that could all be using these radio signals at once. Or more.

What is an Global Positioning System?

GPS is a system of several components: . Land Component - ground stations in El Segundo, CA operated by the US Air Force. Monitors, tests, and updates satellites to correct for drift, orbital error, etc. . Space Component - 24 satellites. . User Component - receivers that decode satellite signa (MORE)

Who built the global positioning system?

The United States Air Force was a primary player in the deployment of the first GPS satellites, ground stations, and user's receivers. Europe, Russia, and Japan have their own geo-locating systems. Europe's is called, "Galileo", Russia's is called, "GLONASS", and Japan's is called, "MTSAT". Japan (MORE)

How do global positioning systems work?

Global positioning systems utilize satillites which transmit signals. There are receivers that recieve signals. More than one satillite is utilized in order to get a better location.

How does the global positioning systems work?

The GPS , short for global positioning system, is a world wide navigational system that utilizes microwave signals from a group of satellites that orbit the Earth and transmit radio signals back to a GPS receiver.

Are Global positioning satellite systems radars?

The various GPS systems in several countries employ satellites that do not use RADAR. The reason is that it's your GPS receiver that determines where you are on earth based on -Radio- signals sent from each visible GPS satellite. How it works is this . . . the satellites transmit radio signals to (MORE)

How can a person losses he's global positioning system and find out where he or she is?

If you have lost your GPS and you don't have a map, it's easiest tojust ask the local people. The night sky and the position of thestars there can only tell you wether you're in the southern ornorthern hemisphere and the position of the sun at noon can - incombination with the time of year - tell yo (MORE)