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How do you clean and restore hardwood floors?

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td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;} When it comes to cleaning hardwood flooring particularly if you have the beautiful oak timber, it depends on the type of wood as well as the finish coating applied to the flooring. However, among the tips of cleaning, the basic cleaning method are to dry-mop or use a vacuum to remove any surface dirt. You can also use electrostatic cloth and when using the vacuum, it is advisable not to have the beater bar for the possible scratch it can give to your flooring.
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How do you clean hardwood floors?

For an easy and cheap floor cleaning alternative try mixing 1/2 cup of white vinegar to 1 gallon of warm water. This method of using vinegar to clean hardwood floors is an eas

Can tile covered hardwood floor be restored?

  If you are talking real tile, then no, it is to far gone to fix. If it stick down tile then yes IF the floor wasn't allready damaged when they covered it.

What products can be used to clean hardwood floors?

Pinesol is recommended, but any product that is approved should work. Visit your local Home Improvement store and go to the cleaning aisles. Each product should have a label w

What cleans hardwood floors with polyurethane?

Use a non-diluted, direct spray on hardwood floor cleaning product like Bona - hardwood floor cleaner or Lastnlast - Polycare. 2 of the best hardwood flooring cleaning product

What use to clean hardwood floors?

you can use only hardwood floor cleaners to maintain and clean you wood flooring. You can use products like Bella Wood hardwood floor cleaner ,or Murphy Oil Soap which lets a

How much does hardwood floor cleaning cost?

The cost of most products to clean hardwood floors range for 5 dollars up to 40 dollars. If you plan on having it done professionally it will cost you a couple hundred dollars

How easy is it to clean a hardwood floor?

Whenever you have water on a hardwood floor it stains a shaded color. You need to replace it or use a scrub and you can just paint over it. If not then use shaded brown and sc

How do you clean hardwood floors without damaging it?

You can clean hardwood floors without damaging it by first cleaning it like you would clean on tiles. Sweep up the floor for trash and then use a bucket and mop it clean and d

What is the best vacuum for cleaning hardwood floors?

The best vacuum to clean hardwood floors with is the wet and dry vacuum. It can easily switch from wet carpet to dry hardwood flooring. It can be seen on the website for Kohl'

Is it ok to clean hardwood floor with vinegar?

Nope, not good fro the wood and really not good for the finish. Wood LOVES moisture but moisture damages wood, so you should really be cleaning your wood floor with very minor

What can you deep clean your hardwood floor with?

There are a vast arrays of cleaners on the market, most DIY stores carry them. Without knowing what finish you have on the floor means we cannot give you definative replies ho

How can you restore the finish on your Hardwood Floor?

Restoring the finish on your Hardwood Floor can be done by Removing the dull, scuffed varnish and then cover it with new finish. ANS 2 - That's not anywhere near as easy as i