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How do you clean and restore hardwood floors?

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It is a very time intensive process. Rent a floor scrubber with a sanding pad. Use the scubber to sand off the old finish. Vacuum the dust. Mop with clear water, but don't get it too wet. Let it dry completely. Apply stain and varnish (or a one step stain/varnish) that is suitable for wood floors.
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How can you restore the finish on your Hardwood Floor?

Restoring the finish on your Hardwood Floor can be done by Removing the dull, scuffed varnish and then cover it with new finish. ANS 2 - That's not anywhere near as easy as i

What is the safest way to clean hardwood floors?

DO NOT USE anything with Water, Water damages wood flooring. DO NOT use steamers, they use HOT water and that damages wood flooring. you need an oil or wax based cleaner. Go t

Can you use a steam cleaner to clean hardwood floors?

No manufacturer recommends the use of a steam cleaning device on ANY type of hard surface flooring. Consumers should contact the flooring manufacturer for cleaning and care ad

Can you use a Swiffer wetjet to clean hardwood floors?

  Yes, the Swiffer Wetjet is effective at cleaning hardwood floors, whether real hardwood, or manufactured wood flooring. Proctor & Gamble, the manufacturer of the Swiffer

How do you clean hardwood floors?

For an easy and cheap floor cleaning alternative try mixing 1/2 cup of white vinegar to 1 gallon of warm water. This method of using vinegar to clean hardwood floors is an eas

What products can be used to clean hardwood floors?

Pinesol is recommended, but any product that is approved should work. Visit your local Home Improvement store and go to the cleaning aisles. Each product should have a label w

How much does hardwood floor cleaning cost?

The cost of most products to clean hardwood floors range for 5 dollars up to 40 dollars. If you plan on having it done professionally it will cost you a couple hundred dollars

Can you use a steam mop to clean hardwood floors?

No! Under no condition should a wood floor be steamed mopped!   Wood is extremely prone to bubbling, swelling, and warping with  exposure to water over time. There are pr

What is the best way to clean hardwood floors?

Buy a hardwood cleaner kit. It's an alcohol based cleaner you use with a soft terry cloth. After vacuuming or sweeping, spray on and immediately wipe clean.    Never us

What can you deep clean your hardwood floor with?

There are a vast arrays of cleaners on the market, most DIY stores carry them. Without knowing what finish you have on the floor means we cannot give you definative replies ho