How do you delete messages from Tracfone Motorola W376g?

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Go to the message, click the circle-button, and press Delete.
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What ringtones support Motorola v170 tracfone?

I have a Motorola V170 and it doent send me the pin number so i don't think that you can but im still trying to get it so help me if you get it my email is so if you can please email me if you can thanks bye

How do you set up voicemail on your Motorola v170 tracfone?

To set up voicemail on your Motorola v170 tracfone, you should press and hold down the number "1" button for approximately 3 seconds. This will automatically dial your voice mailbox. Once you connect, you will be given a brief tutorial on how to set up and use your voicemail. You will also be prompt (MORE)

How can you unlock a Motorola c139 tracfone?

It's a quote from a different forum: "I have a Motorola C 139 tracphone. I want to know can it be unlocked. I sent it in to a unlock shop and it was sent back saying it can not be unlocked. Here is what they said "We received your phone and tried to unlock it many times but failed. Unforunately, i (MORE)

How do you delete pictures off a Motorola razr?

I had the same problem and went through every listing I could find. Finally figured it out on my own. Access your menu by hitting your middle button. Arrow over to the far left to the Get It Now area. 2. Get PIX & FLIX. OK. 3. My pix. OK. Select the picture you want to delete. Then go to Optio (MORE)

How can you retrieve deleted text messages?

On most phones, there is no way to retrieve a deleted message . Once you delete a text message, it's gone permanently. However, some Windows Phones have recycle bins, if you have a Windows Phone, try looking in the Recycle Bin.

Motorola v170 tracfone speed dial instruction?

Look in your phone book. Each number there has a speed dial # assigned to it as the speed dial number. On your main screen, which shows you remaining minutes, push the speed number of the person you want to dial, then the # sign, then the green "send" button. It will dial the person whose speed d (MORE)

Does the Motorola ve240 have picture messaging?

I have this phone and it does allow you to send pics and audio. The Moto ve240 has the capability to send pics but you must have a plan through your Carrier/Service Provider that supports pic or multimedia messaging.

Delete hotmail account from Motorola Q?

Found this on another site, and it works: Originally Posted by SDMahan This is way not intuitive, but it works: Launch Pocket MSN Options-> Switch User On the next dialog box, Switch User The Hotmail account will no longer show up..

Who has a tracfone?

I currently have a Tracfone, and a couple of my friends also have one. I simply have a tracphone!

How do you transfer pictures from computer to a Motorola W376g?

You should email it to the phone: Attach your photo to an email and send it to: '' (xxxxxxxxxxx being your 11-digit phone number). Messaging from computer to phone typically takes about half an hour to arrive, but on the other hand, sending from phone to computer is muc (MORE)

How much does it cost to send text message on a tracfone?

It doesn't really COST. You pay for the minutes ahead beforehand, and the prices you pay for minute cards vary from time to time, so it is impossible to say how much it costs. However, a text message only takes away .30 units, or a little less than a third of a minute. In one unit (or minute), yo (MORE)

How do you set up voice mail on your Motorola w376 tracfone?

Go to messages then go down to voicemail go into it (I think it's suppose to say call... but I use the middle thing to go into things) Then Create Message then um... the rest I'll leave for someone else to tell you... hope I at least helped a little... if not then... bummer... you probly already got (MORE)

Can the Motorola w376g record videos?

nope takes pictures tho Fact is this cell phone can record videos, only when uploading to 'Youtube', you must reduce the size of the video , and shorten the length of it as well.

How do you Delete phone numbers from TracFone Motorola W376g?

Go to W376g phone directory, select what # you want deleted. Press the black center button of the main menu disc. Scroll down to the delete bar, press select,screen will show the name of the owner of the number with a Yes or No choice at the bottom of the screen, hit yes, the name and # will be dele (MORE)

My cell phone the Motorola rival is saying memory full when i try to send a text i deleted all messages and still the same can anyone help me?

Delete everything you don't want and see what happens. If that does not work delete most of your pictures. Memory means everything in the phone, and usually memory means temporary, as in RAM. If it's RAM, then you should be able to turn off the phone (maybe pull out the battery to make sure it's (MORE)

Change pairing code on Motorola w376g cell phone?

Unfortunately, you can't change the Bluetooth pairing code on this phone, because it is hard wired to the code '0000'. You will somehow need to change your device's code to '0000' in order for the Bluetooth pairing process to work.

How do you set up voice mail on Motorola w376g?

Press and hold '1' from the home screen. The phone will automatically call voice mail. Once connected to voice mail, use the instructions they give you via phone to set up voice mail by setting your password, name, and other settings.

How do you delete pictures from a Motorola cell phone W376g?

To delete pictures from the phone, select Menu>Multimedia>Pictures>Additional Storage Device. Once there, you will be presented with a menu of pictures. Scroll to the picture you want to delete and press the central menu key. Select 'Delete' and the picture will be deleted.

How do you delete old Skype messages?

On Skype, there is a feature under the "Tools" option that allows you to set your personal preferences for how long a message is stored on your computer. If you change this, the messages will delete themselves after the time period you have selected.

How do you mute the ring on the Motorola W376G?

When you are on the home screen, use the small gray rocker switch on the left edge of the phone to change the ringer volume to mute (the scale goes from 0-7, 0 is mute, 7 is the loudest possible).

How do you delete messages on the Motorola droid?

To delete text messages, if using the touch screen, go to messaging. Then press the little button at the bottom that had the 4 lines (it is next to the little house symbol). When options come up, click on delete threads. But warning: doing this will delete ALL of your messages. I don't know a way on (MORE)

How do you delete contact history on Motorola citrus?

The only way besides deleting individual contacts from phone. completely is to press text messaging widget on phone. Select the conversation group u want to delete ( will say for example : alex.......long press the sample textand delete entire conversation. This will not allow it to show in the cont (MORE)

I need anunlock code for motorola w376g?

If you want to unlock your Motorola W376g mobile phone fromthe network lock,I would suggest you to get an unlock code at reasonable price.

How are messages deleted?

Well, It depends what kind of phone you have. You should be able to go on you're Messages and click options then delete. If that doesn't help, Sorry then i don't know.

How do you delete recent recipient list on tracfone lg 840g?

Make sure you have your data (contacts and other info) saved to a microSD card. Turn off the phone, remove the card. In the main menu go to Settings-> Phone -> Reset Settings -> Master Clear -> Phone. You will get a warning that asks that settings reset to default value and data will be deleted. Con (MORE)