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How do you determine the strength of a magnet?

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   The strength of the magnet can be measured by the strength of flux density produce by its magnetic field in reference to a determine distance. This can be measured by the use of a Gauss Meter . The unit of measure is gauss( centimeter-gram- second or maxwell per square centimeter).  By: Frederick de Leon                                                                                          Electronics & Acoustic Design Engineering                                                           Meadow Park Laboratories                                                                                        BK10, Lt 5, Meadow Park                                                                                              Molino 4, Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines 4102                                                       Cellphone: +639175271849  Email: <A href="mailto:freddiedeleon@gmail.com">freddiedeleon@gmail.com</A>                       
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Why does freezing a magnet affect the strength of a magnet?

Because it freezes its particles Answer 2 The above answer doesn't say why the strength of a magnet is affected by freezing it. I didn't know that magnets were affected b

Magnetic field strength unit?

Oersted which is equal to 79.58 Am -1 Answer An oersted is an obsolete (cgsA) unit of measurement for flux density, not magnetic field strength. The SI unit is the

What determines the strength of a magnetic field?

factors on which magnetic field a bar magnet depends :- 1. pole strength of the magnet 2. medium in which the bar magnet is present(since the permittivity changes) factors

What is the strength of the magnetic field of a magnet?

The strength of the magnetic field of a magnet varies between magnets. A magnetic field is composed of field lines called magnetic flux lines. The strength of the magnetic fie

What determines the strength of the magnetic field when current flows through the conductor?

"If the conductor is wound into a coil the magnetic lines of flux add to produce a stronger magnetic field... Another factor is the amount of current flowing through the wire"

What determines magnetism?

The North and South Poles; in outer space, that's another story. Answ2. All magnetic fields, natural, permanent, or electromagnetic are caused by the movement of electrons.

What determines the strength of magnet?

Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB or NIB) would be the stongest material of an magnet.(Is the tempature which for this material is 12,800 . Hc is the lenth of the material which is