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How do you diss hoover criminal gang?

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Snoover,Boover,or Hoochie Coochie
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How do you diss people?

You mean insult them? Well if you know them well enough you can insult them on something they care about. I.e. There is a really vain girl- you could tell her off on her cloth

What is the meaning of 'diss'?

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, "diss" means "to show disrespect to, often by insult or criticism."

Why do many Americans say terrorists are directing criminal gangs in the US?

  Because terrorist organizations are the biggest suppliers of illegal drugs these days. The gangs buy these drugs for distribution in the US, and perhaps carry out deeds

Are 83 gangster crips and 83 Hoover criminals the same?

Eight Trey Gangster Crips are not the same as Eight Trey Hoover Criminals Vermont Ave splits the two set the latter being ETH prides itself on separations from all things crip

List of Rappers with criminal gang affiliations?

Some rappers with criminal gang affiliations include:   2Pac(M.o.b. Piru/Black Panther Party)    Suge Knight(M.o.b. Piru)    Waka Flocka(Elm Street Piru) 

Why are chavs dissed?

These are some of the reasons. Their inability to articulate without constant profanity. Their lack of respect for other people and their property. Hooliganism and vanda

What rhymes with dissing?

Rhymes with dissing: BlissingDismissingFishingHissingKissingMissingPissingReminiscingRinsingRiskingWishing