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the first trick i learned was the 360 tail whip you do that by going up a ramp and take your feet off the pedals and move your right foot over to the left and kick the seat around to the left then sit down hope it helps WARNING! dont do this trick if you cant do a wheelie!!!!!!!!!
hope this helps

Things wrong with this answer:

1) You would never be able to do a 360 whip for your first trick.
2) He said nothing about spinning (the 360 bit).
3) When you land a tailwhip you don't sit down.
4) You don't need to be able to wheelie, most good riders probably can't even wheelie 10 metres, its a chavvy 'trick' anyway.

you start off with a bunny hop. once you get a bunny hop down you start to apply it to things such as curbs. after this you will want to get a feel of moving in the air so try 180s once u get those move to 360s. after this you should try barspins. once you learned all of this you should have good control over your bike and move on to tailwhips. now you master these you can do combos, create your own tricks and move on to harder things.
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