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by reciting the ayath of holy quran
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You want to know any wazifa aur dua regarding late marriage?

Try it with Firm Faith . 1. Read sura Rehman three times a day and pray for ur marriage until u get the solution. Do it with firm faith, u will get the solution.. 2. Write

You want to know any wazifa aur dua regarding passing paper?

The Dua that follows is to be recited after Wajib/fard salaah for better memory (according to hadith of the Holy Prophet (saw)) Subhana man la ya'tadi a'la ahli mamlakatih

Any wazifa for good result of papers?

Rabi Zidni Ilma' (Arabic). Ae mere rab mere ilm main izafa kar (Urdu). oh god increase my knowledge (english)

You want a wazifa for love marriage so that your parents agree for the marriage?

Well I am glad I found your question, and I hope it is still not too late for me to help. Being a Muslim doesn't mean you cannot love someone, or like someone and wish to marr

Can a woman continue her wazifa during her menstruation period?

Dua And wazeefa if done verbally without touching the holy book is OK to be done even during the menstruation period. So if its something that you only have to recite then go

You want to know any wazifa aur dua regarding early marriage?

the most important of all is the consent of the girl or boy getting married. later comes the social & religious rules and acceptance. is the person getting married 100% ok wit
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What is the wazifa for normal delivery?

1) pregnant woman should recite 111 times after every prayer بسم الللہ الرحمن الرحیم یا سلامÙ