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by reciting the ayath of holy quran
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What is the wazifa for normal delivery?

1) pregnant woman should recite 111 times after every prayer بسم الللہ الرحمن الرحیم یا سلامُ 2) At the time of delivery family of female should

How wil i increase my height can you tel me any wazifa?

Assalam u Alaikum YA ALLAHU YA ALIYUEI YA AZZIMU Har namaz k bad 126 martaba parhain Awal aur akir 11-11 bar DUROD SHAREEF parhain

You want to know any wazifa aur dua regarding late marriage?

  Try it with Firm Faith   1. Read sura Rehman three times a day and pray for ur marriage until u get the solution. Do it with firm faith, u will get the solution.