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How do you draw pictograph that shows the number of people in certain types of jobs for the year 2012?

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How can they tell number of viewers of a certain tv show?

Networks, such as the Nielson Company, pay a certain amount of  people (5000) a small amount each month to plug a special box into  their TV, which is loaded with a cable an

What types of jobs do people in Paraguay have?

Paraguay is in an economic growth mode and has jobs in just about   every category that you will find in the US including mining,   manufacturing, IT, medical and serv

What types of jobs do people have in Kuwait?

Kuwait offers many, many jobs, just like other countries you may know of. They could be economically named as one of the richest countries in the world, so they can offer many

What types of jobs do people in Iceland have?

These are some jobs that icelandic people have/ get a job: Major industries: tourism, IT and communication technology, food production (particularly seafood), engineering, en

What type of jobs does Finland people have?

Many work for manufacturers. These manufactioners commonly make electronics and other things. There are some who work in agriculture and on farms. Still others work many of th
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What types of jobs do people do in Spain?

Approximately 4 % of the Spanish workers work in agriculture, 24 % work in an industry, and 72% work in the service industry. Spain has a decent manufacturing capability fro
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What is a pictograph?

A Early written symbols were based on pictographs (pictures which resemble what they signify) and ideograms (symbols which represent ideas). Ancient Chinese, Sumerian, and Eg