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How do you drink on the SCRAM bracelet?

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The dang thing is pretty sensitive so you have to be careful about applying anything with any type of alcohol. They got me for "tampering" when I put lotion on. * * * * * You don't. That's why you're wearing it.
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Can you cover a scram bracelet to swim?

My friends and I who have the Scram bracelet usually wrap it with saran wrap and then duct tap both ends. It may look funny but it works. They go cliff diving with it wrapped

If you are a hair stylise can you were the scram bracelet?

Hair stylist....can you wear a scram bracelet.....absolutely not. TAC checks for all alcohol, methyl and propyl....all in hair products...OMG and hair spray...AMS cannot disti

What if you break scram bracelet curfew?

  you may get buy for a few days ,but you never know when they are about to check up on you & you could get another 2 years added to the time you are on all ready

Is there a way to get the scram bracelet off?

    Yes, the panel where they put it on sometimes falls off - and it just comes off - although it downloads more than alcohol content (twice a day) - every 30 minutes

Do scram bracelets use batteries?

Yes, they do. Interestingly, a 'low battery' condition sends a signal to the alerting authority.

How do you beat the scram bracelet?

So this seems pretty simple to beat. 1) I was told there is electrical current running through your leg to complete the circuit. You can use the same foil strip used on wind