How do you drink on the SCRAM bracelet?

Jim Mowreader Answered Last
The dang thing is pretty sensitive so you have to be careful about applying anything with any type of alcohol. They got me for "tampering" when I put lotion on. * * * * * You don't. That's why you're wearing it.
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Why is a bracelet called a bracelet?

maybe Indians used to call wrists, braces, so now they r called bracelets.!! haha my 10 yr old sis just told me that! LMAOOO and now she want me to give her her bracelt back

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What if you break scram bracelet curfew?

  you may get buy for a few days ,but you never know when they are about to check up on you & you could get another 2 years added to the time you are on all ready

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How do you make a fake scram bracelet?

I cut the cord off an old phone charger and used electrical tape to wrap it around my ankle for a Lindsay Lohan halloween costume.

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