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How do you enlarge your screen viewing on your computer?

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If you are on a Windows computer, simply go to the start menu, click on controls, then go to monitor resolution and click on the resolution you want. This does not work on laptops.
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How do i enlarge lettering on my computer don't have view on toolbar?

There may be ashorter way to do this but one way is; click start, then click control panel, then click display, then click appearence, the change font size to large. If you do

How do you enlarge font on computer screen?

To enlarge the font on a computer screen, hold down CTRL and push  the + sign. You could also go to where it says font, and change it  from 11 to 14 or higher. It depends on

How do you un enlarge your internet screen?

Ctrl - (minus sign)   element   Font / font-family / font-size / font-style / font-variant / font-weight / letter-spacing / line-height / text-decoration / text-align /

How do I enlarge my screen on my laptop?

ummm... you cannot make your laptop screen physically any bigger, but you can pres ctrl and + to make the font on web pages bigger... ctrl and - makes them smaller.

Can a computer virus possibly enlarge your screen?

yes, viruses can do anything to the software of you computer viruses are files that contain code that cab tell your computer to do anything that it's creator programs it to d

Why can enlarging a picture on a computer screen lower the quality of the image?

When you enlarge a picture it enlarges the pixels of the picture  not the actual picture. It would be almost impossible to code a  program that would enlarge the actual pict

How do you enlarge screen on my laptop?

You cannot enlarge the screen, you can magnify the images on it. You can change the resolution of the screen or magnify items depending on the software you have installed. I

How do you enlarge your words on your computer screen?

You go to the top right hand corner & click the three bars if you are on Google Chrome. It says "Zoom" & you can zoom in or out to change the size. On Internet explorer, you c