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How do you file your taxes to the IRS for 2002 and 2003?

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All you need to do is get the 1040 forms and attachments you need to file your taxes, fill them out normally like you would any other year, and send the tax returns to the IRS. They will tell you if there are any penalties associated. Relax, just file them, and hope for the best. They'll be glad you filed. Good luck.
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Does the IRS know your state tax?

  Most, but not all, States have information sharing agreements with the IRS.   Nevada in particular is known to not share information with the IRS, which is why formin

If you haven't filed tax returns how far back can the IRS go after you?

  Actually, very simply, for forever.   The Stautes of Limitation, which determine how far they can review and assess, do not start running until you file a return. Don

If a tax debt is owed to the IRS can filing bankruptcy settle this debt and allow you to start over?

Yes you can start over but this does have an extreme barring on your credit. You can include the years prior to three years from the tax year you owed the IRS. However any yea

Are IRS tax refunds taxable?

No, you already paid tax on the money you used to pay taxes, you  just paid too much of it, and therefore it is not taxed again.  State tax refunds, when they are used as a

How do you compute IRS tax penalties?

For the individual income taxpayer there are two crucial penalties to be aware of. One is the Failure to File penalty and the other is the Failure to Pay penalty. Both are app

How can you not pay the IRS your back taxes?

The question you ask is a loaded question, with many, many possible answers. The main one which I believe you are going for is "can I get out of paying my taxes?" The answer t

Do you have to file your taxes if you don't owe the IRS money?

Yes. Do you think the IRS should just presume that everybody who doesn't file doesn't owe any taxes? 26USC6012 requires anyone having more than a certain amount of income

How does an IRS tax settlement work?

An IRS tax settlement works by entering into an agreement with the IRS that allows one to pay less tax than they actually owe. One can do this by filing a 'Offer In Compromise

Do you have to file taxes if IRS owes you?

Yes. Do you think the IRS should just presume that everybody who doesn't file doesn't owe any taxes? 26USC6012 requires anyone having more than a certain amount of income

If IRS charged me for early withdrawal of my 401K will I be taxed again when I file my federal income tax?

Yes. That was the penalty for early withdrawal. What you received is then taxed as income received (which it would be whenever you received it). You did not pay tax on it when

When to file IRS form 5498?

Specific instructions for Form 5498. File Form 5498, IRA Contribution Information, with the IRS by May 31, 2011, for each person for whom in 2010 you maintained any individua

If you file head of household and you have 2 dependents can IRS take all of tax return for unpaid stundent loan?

(Presuming it is a government insured, guaranteed or otherwise involved loan - which are therefore allowed to directly offset any money the gov't would pay you otherwise). 

How do you fill IRS tax forms?

The process of filing out the all imporantant tax forms can be  tedious, and as humans we are intended to make mistakes. There are  almost 20-30 different tax forms in the I

Last day to file your taxes with IRS?

As a calendar year individual taxpayer filing a 1040 federal income tax return and you do NOT have any income tax liability or OWE any income taxes on your correctly completed