How do you find the head phones in club penguin?

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It was in the Cove next to the surfing game i am sorry but they have already taken it off.
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Where is the head quarters on Club Penguin?

It is a secret room that only Secret Agents can go in. If you're a secret agent, you can go in by clicking on you're spy phone and click on the button Visit HQ . It will brin

How do you get the pumpkin head on Club Penguin?

I have the pumpkin head on club PENGUIN! :) Its an old hallowen coustume thing. (Like 1 year ago NOW). Sorry its WAY OLD but it may be available sometime! :) Hope this helped

How do you find a penguin on Club Penguin?

You can find penguins anywhere. If you want to find penguins, I suggest you don't go on servers with not many penguins in. Usually there's no one around, so I don't think that

How do you find the lost spy phone in club penguin?

Field Op Mission, EPF. Go to the extra room inside the mine. Then go over to the box with the big light bulb ontop. Your phone will start buzzing and turning green. Click on i

How do you get Club Penguin phones on Club Penguin?

In the past you used to be able to get a Blue Spy Phone (Given by the PSA, Penguin Secret Agency, after passing a quiz). After the PSA HQ was destroyed by a popcorn bomb thank

What do you do after you find your spy phone in club penguin?

First, sign in to Club Penguin. Then, find the badge with an M on it in the top right hand corner. Answer the questions carefully and so that it