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If you mean generate as in gaming, each game is different -- use a search engine to search for "Generate ___ Characters" and fill in the name of your game system in the blank. There are many online game character generating websites out there!
If you mean for writing a story or book, here are some tips:
  • Make them human -- i.e. give them flaws. Characters who are too perfect are boring and not believable
  • Give them individual mannerisms and ways of speaking so each character is a little different
  • Give them problems -- have each character faced with something, even if it's something secret that never gets written in the book. You know it's there, and it's going to make the characters behave in a more realistic manner. (In the Sherlock Holmes stories, Dr. Watson always has to balance his work as a doctor with his work with Holmes -- it's not always mentioned in the stories, but you know it's there in the background and it makes Watson more realistic)
  • Know what they look like. If you can't draw, you might do an image search online to see if you can find an actor or actress that looks a little bit like your character. This helps you have a better mental image of them, and can help you describe their actions and mannerisms better.

Here's a good character chart that helps you to make up lots of details about your characters -- you don't need this sort of detail for all of them, but the main characters should be this familiar to you.
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