How do you get a brother to stop being mean?

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well in the book you train boys how you train dogs so try that
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How do you get your mean annoying brother to stop?

Be mean and annoying back. Or you can rat them out! get them grounded for like 2/3weeks or something! If you really cant say anything because you cant think of anything, the

How do you make your brother stop being mean?

just try to ignore him if he keeps being mean tell your parents or try to talk to him and straighten things out GOOD LUCK im 11 and i have the same problem i hope i helped you

How do you get your brother to stop being mean?

Little Brothers: Little brothers are not old enough to get that they are misbehaving- or if they are old enough, they are trying to get attention. Try to be nice to them and

How do you stop your brother being annoying?

What works for me is putting itching powder or scratching powder in his blankets during winter. The reason for this is that he doesn't want to get out of bed because he's cold

Why is your brother being mean to you?

because he is jealous of you. or that you have done something that he does not like and tries to pay you back. But know matter what the reason is, you are siblings so you will

How do you get your mom to stop being mean to you?

try to talk to your mom n ask her why she has been mean. if she gets mad just say mom i don't understand why you are so upset id like to talk with you for a little while to un

How do you get your brothers to stop being mean?

If your the only girl in the house you have to learn how to fight if you want to face your brothers. Take karate or boxing when they see that your just as tough as them they'l

How do you get a boy to stop being mean?

It really depends on how he is being mean to you. No matter what DO NEVER be violent towards a boy. If its not a huge problem but he is just being slightly mean, think of some
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How do you stop stop someone from being mean?

This is almost impossible to answer without more information. obviously, you don't tolerate it, but as far as appropriate/best course of action depends on who the person is, w
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How do I Get my brother to stop being mean so I wont run away?

the two best ways are either A: assist him in the things he cant do alone, so that he needs you to do them... that way you can stop helping him if he is mean. If that doesnt w