How do you get a good mark in GCSE art?

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Work hard.
Also What you write is key, and gives you good marks.
I did not add writing to one of my peices and got a B-, after I added writing I got an A+
Also, you can fullfill the checkpoints for example, taking photo. I find that I'm losing marks because I need to draw things i see first hand.
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How do you get good grades in gcse?

for all gcses 1.revise what you have learnt 2. revise for mock so you know your strengths and weaknesses to teachers if struggling 4.aim much higher grades than you may think or want many past papers if you can get your hand on them and revise answers you got wrong for a lang (MORE)

What gcse gardes do you need for a good job?

you need to get all c grades and a b in English maths and science if you want to do a level you will need a b in that subject eg if you want to do a level biology you will need at least a b in gcse biology try to aim for mostly b grades if you want to go on to university and have a 6 diget salery ho (MORE)

How do you get an A in gcse?

You work hard and you watch different genres of movies and watch how the actors are talking and acting. i find that revising is the best way obi but also if you sleep out side the night before the exam you are garanteed a A to A* lol this guys an idiot :L

What is a GCSE?

A GCSE means General Certificate of Secondary Education, which is the qualification studied by those aged 15-16 in the United Kingdom.

Can GCSE mock grades count if GCSE finals arent good enough?

No. You have to retake the GCSEs if they are not goo enough. I think that it is about three times you are allowed to retake and the highest grade you get goes through. If you attempt it another time, the grade that you get for this one will go through, even if it is the worst one you've got.. Its b (MORE)

How do you do a gcse?

How I wish on the day of choosing my GCSEs aged thirteen someone would've told me what I knew now. So hopefully I'm going to stop people making the mistakes that I did and try to show you that GCSEs are important despite what people say. Firstly if you or someone else is choosing your GCSE option (MORE)

What is mark making in art?

Mark-making is the process of applying pencil to paper. I would broaden this to include applying anything to anything! (scratching marks in plaster, using pen and ink, paint on canvas, anything that leaves a mark on the page could be considered mark making that's what is so nice about it:o)

A good website for GCSE textiles homework?

In order to find a good website for many different topics including GSCE textiles homework, you kneed to explore the internet and use a number of different sites to get different opinions and format of answers. By doing this it will also help to build on vocabulary.

What is a good science book for gcse?

This will depend on your personal learning style and the syllabus you are studying. I advise asking your teacher for recommendations, you may even be able to order from the school at a discount. Personally, I found Letts and CGP the best for my needs, but there are many other good aides available. (MORE)

Do you have to do GCSE?

well i think so ,,. well if you want a job u need to get good grades to get get into a job

What are gcses?

GCSEs are a selection of exams which is taken when the person is14-16 (years 9, 10 & 11). It envolves a mixture coureswork andtest papers. The student will choose which courses they take,although some courses are mandatory such as English Language andMaths. *Answer is related to the UK*

How do you get a good mark in GCSE English?

Not that I recommend this, by any means, but for my English GCSE I didn't do an ounce of revision and I got an A. In class we analysed poems and prose and my booklet containing all of my poems and prose was completely full with annotations. I literally only looked at them in class and not again. I j (MORE)

What jobs can you do if you do art gcses?

you can get many im stuck on this question too i need to rersearch 15 jobs to get in gcse art :L but i have found 6 and they are... 1. Photography 2. Fashion Designer 3. Architect 4. Jewlrery Designer 5. Artist 6. Art Teacher sorry there abit rubbish but its all (MORE)

Topic ideas for gcse art?

Here is a list of art topic ideas I've just been compiling for some students: · Sequence and series · Repetition · Self · Festival of colour · Structures · Expressive faces · Reflections · Identity · (MORE)

Can you do graffiti for gcse art?

Yes u can. Just graffiti on public property then get arrested. Then you will have a criminal record for graffitiing. That will prove that you can do it. But it will ruin your reputation and your family will probably hate forever

Which GCSE course is easier Art and Design or Textile?

depends on your skills , textiles is hard work in year 11 when you make a garment but really fun and art and design is a lot easier and fun to do. Think about what you want to do as a career , if you want to do fashion or interior then textiles would be a better option or if you want to do games des (MORE)

What are good gcses to take?

Well, it depends on what type of person you are If you are academic, then, if you get the option, you could go for the Baccalaureate This means that you can get into Universities and Colleges easier, which means you would have to take a language (french spanish german) and a humanity (history or ge (MORE)

What GCSEs are needed for art therapy?

You mainly need Art because they teach you the actual therapy part in University. Also it would be good if you have other impressive levels to show off just in-case its an uptight University. Also Science would be a good GCSE to have.

Should you take art for gcse?

Yes, art is brilliant it leads to alot of degrees and careers such as: Degrees History of Art - Kate Middleton took this and Lilly Cole Fashion Photography ect Careers: Fashion Designing Photography Loads more ! Careers in fashion are the best

What do you get to be if you do art as your gcse?

In the Art world? well... it doesn't really matter than much about the GCSE, it matters more about the grade you get in A-level which defines what you can be!?! and also there are different types of subject, photography, fine art, mixed media... etc... anything really!

Any ideas for art gcse for the topic 'change'?

You could do like psychical development/growing up. The evolution of man/animals. Changes in architecture e.g. buildings, styles of buildings. Or even the progression of society. =)

How many marks do you need in a Maths GCSE to get an A?

Well i am in year 8 and I'm preparing for earlier GCSE's which i will take this year and in my practice exams i got 2 A's and i am certain that it is 72% and A* is 87% for the higher tier but you can not acquire an A in Foundation Gcse

What gcse can you do?

There are GCSEs in every subject you can think of. From Politics, Photography to Agriculture. It just depends on whether your school offers it or not.

Would French be a good subject to take for GCSE?

Sure, Im currently taking it now. It all depends on what you enjoy and what you feel comfortable doing. As for whether or not its hard, that shouldn't be the grounds on what your GCSE's are. It is solely on your skills. If you get good grades and enjoy it then sure!

Should i take geography or art gcse?

Hello! I've just taken my GCSEs and I took both Geography and Art, I don't know what you're allowed and how many choices you have, but in my school, we had to choose a Design Technology, a language, and two other options from this list: History Geography Art Music Drama Dance Business (MORE)

What do you write for art GCSE?

When writing about your work ask yourself the following questions: What have I done? Is it a painting, drawing, collage, my own design or a copy? How have I done it? Describe how you worked, in stages to arrive at the end piece Why have I done it/ What have I learnt through doing it? About an artist (MORE)

Who can mark my GCSE English Literature past paper?

If you are looking for someone to mark your English past paper, your English teacher might be able to help. Ask them - they're there to help you get the best possible grade, after all! If you have a tutor for English, ask them too.

What can you sculpt to get a good grade in art GCSE?

Your good grade will result more from the skill with which you sculpt, than from the skill with which you select a subject to sculpt. Any subject sculpted beautifully enough will become a beautiful sculpture. My personal choice would be to select your favorite superhero from the Avengers movie, and (MORE)

How many marks to get a B IN GCSE maths exam?

it varies from year to year and from course to course, it also varies from exam board to exam board.. for AQA in 2012 the scaled marks were. 1H: 35/80. 2H: 42/80. For Edexcel . combined: 90/200 after scaling for linear specification. method in mathematics:280/400 after scaling (unitised). ma (MORE)