How do you get a new starter on Pokemon Diamond?

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You push up on pad at beginning menu and select with b I think and you can dtart over

What is the best starter on Pokemon Diamond?

One opinion is to go with Turtwig since it can learn Earthquake andAbsorb however another option is to pick Chimchar since itsFire-type attacks are super effective against the

What is the best starter Pokemon in diamond?

hi my opinion is that to compare the starters it must lern its last move. turtwig is the takes some time to evolve to grotle but by that time of lv18 he's gt some key

Which is the best starter Pokemon in diamond?

Lets see... Turtwig is weak to Candice, Elite Four Aron, and Elite Four Flint. It is tough to Roark,Crasher Wake, and Volkner.(Remember, Turtwig's final form, Torterra,is ha

What Pokemon is the best Starter for Diamond?

Well they're all great In my opinion its Piplup, because the first Gym is EASY PEASY if its level 15 or evolved. But if you started with Piplup pick up a Starly and trai

What is the best starter Pokemon on diamond?

It depends on your preference. infernape is good against the first 2 gyms, while the other two arent, which is good cuz there arent many good Pokemon right off the bat. My f
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How do you get Hoenn starters in Pokemon Diamond?

You can't get them on Diamond, but you can migrate them from a GBA game using the Pal Park, after you have the national dex. just slot both games in the DS, and on the startin