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And can you breed a non-unicorn and unicorn? Is also included.

Well you can either breed one or buy one.

To breed one:

Unicorns are very rare and reproduce almost like ordinary horses.
Baby unicorns are born only if a mare unicorn is covered by a stallion unicorn at 6:23 a.m. and 6:23 p.m. (GMT). Note that this is the time shown on the top-right and not the time in the history of your horse. The parents must be of the same breed. However, be advised that even if these conditions are respected, you will only have one out of six chances of producing a baby unicorn.

To buy one:

Unicorns are normally sold in the Private Sales. They vary between 1-20 passes and normally, 500 Equus or 800 Equus. If someone sells a Unicorn, but they dont want passes, they are about 15,000 to 200,000 Equus, depending on the breed of the Horse. (somtimes though, you are lucky and find great people that sell their unicorns for no passes and only 2,000-10,000)
In order to breed Unicorns, you must have two of the same exact breed of Unicowrns. There is no such thing as a cross-bred Unicorn. You have to get a stud of the same breed to cover the Unicorn and then you HAVE to accept it at 6:23 GMT time (located in the top left corner of the Howrse page). This could be pm or am, id doesn't matter. If you follow the above steps, there is still only a 1 in 6 chance that you will get a Unifoal. An average of 5 out of 6 times, a regular foal without a horn would be born. However, not all Unicorns have the same ratio of Unicorn to non-Unicowrn offspring. Getting a Unicowrn is like rolling a dice, and you need a 6 to get a Unicowrn. Sometimes you roll 3 sixes in a row, sometimes you roll the dice 10 times without getting a 6. It's luck and chance. Both parents have to be unicorns, or else the foal will just be a normal foal without a horn.
You must breed your female unicorn to another unicorn of the same breed at 6:23 GMT or 18:23 GMT (game time at the top of the page). You'll have a 1 out of 6 chance of getting one, so don't be too sad if you don't get one. They're hard to breed. Hestia's Gift (was available in the Olympus cards and on special, rare occasions is sold in the BM) can make your unicorn have a unicorn foal for sure. So if you every get a Hestia's Gift, make sure to use BM items that will increase the foal's value as you will have a unicorn foal for sure and you'd want a really good unicorn foal, right? (: Good luck producing unicorns! (AppaloosaCrazy on howrse... I breed appaloosa unicorns)
Breed them...two unicorn parents at 623 GMT(am/pm)..only 1/6 chance of uni.
Or buy one.
There is no black market item that gives your horse a horn. Unicorns have to be born as unicorns.
-I'm not sure what the new circumstances are, but these are outdated.
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