Where do you buy wings in aq worlds?

Great Astral Wings-Dropped By Mana Falcon In Para Elemental Plane Of Magic (type /join elemental or Portal In Arcangrove) Gnosis Wings-Dropped By Mana Falcon (same Like Grea

How do you become a werewolf in aq worlds?

do darkvoia quests u will go to lycan ridge and kill sanguine [quest] and u will get lycan rep when u get enough u can get the armour of lycan being member helps more and u ca

Aq worlds where do you get haircuts?

/Join Yulgar (then go upstairs, go to the door that says 42) /Join Sandsea (Keep on going forward till you see a sign that says "Sandsea Port" then go across the lake, afte
AQ Worlds how to get cool armor?

AQ Worlds how to get cool armor?

there's a cool armor non-member called shadow ghoul, you get by going to yulgar's shop by typing in /join yulgar, or going to battleon, go north and you see a place with a sig

Where are the eggs on aq worlds?

Its for the whole bunny berzerker set here there are...werewolf at willow creek for were egg, for the armour.Treeant at the farm for wooden egg,for the helm.Grizzle spit at bo

How do you make a trainer for Aq worlds?

You can Download at AQW Trainer. If you Download Trainer When you Log in You can hack everything Gold,Level up,Rank up. The 1 think is you cant do Hack is Member Or Ac, Yo

Where do you get the unidentified 30 in aq worlds?

try goin to escherion(area) coz sum ppl have drudgen and he gives a quest called suplies to spin the wheel of chance accept then get the helm called escherions helm (mem and c