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You type in your question in the search and hopefully it'll find it with an answer attached to it.

If your question isn't answered yet, try asking it a different way. Lots of questions are in here with answers. The last person might have asked it a tiny bit differently. Also, check your spelling. The correctly spelled version might have an answer.

If you can't find an answered question, use these tips to help your question get answered more quickly:
  • Ask your question in the form of a question; not a statement. (Example: "What is the meaning of happiness?" instead of "The meaning of happiness.")
  • Ask a complete question. (Example: "What is the meaning of happiness?" instead of "Happiness?")
  • Ask one question at a time. (Example: "What is the meaning of happiness?" instead of "What is the meaning of happiness and how do you acquire it?")
  • Don't use punctuation, such as commas or periods. These can confuse the system, and make it harder to match a question already in the system. The question mark at the end of your question will be inserted automatically.
  • Do not add any personal details or dates in your question.
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