How do you get jello out of a jello mold without breaking the jello?

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Non stick spray like Pam.
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What is in Jello?

Once made up, Jello consists of water, gelatin, artificial flavors and colours and sweeteners.

Can jello grow mold?

Yes. I have witnessed mold grown on Jell-O gelatin - jell-o jigglers actually. It was left exposed to the open air at room temperature for atleast 4 weeks.

Is there a way to get the food coloring out of jello without damaging the jello?

If you want to make jelly without using Jell-O - and all that coloring and flavoring - just buy gelatine powder from your supermarket and follow the directions on the pack. Y

Bake a cake in a jello mold?

Yes, one can bake a cake in a jello mold... and they are festive and lovely. However, I cannot find an answer as to how long to bake the cakes. I would guess between the time
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Can you jello a rose without the rose wilting?

Well, that's the thing. When you try to put real, edible flowersinto jello, it's hard to do even with a simple flower like a pansy,but you go to a complicated flower like a ro
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How do you get jello out of its mold?

You can make it easier to get gelatin out of a mold by coating themold with a very thin layer of vegetable oil before pouring in theliquid gelatin. You can also put the mold b
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What is the biggest jello molds size?

Currently, the world's largest jello mould stands at 16' X 16' X 16'. It is without question the world's largest freestanding gelatine cube. The record is held by Joe Hopper