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How do you get rid of oil in the swimming pool?

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Pool shops sell absorbent balls to take care of this problem However if there is a large amount of oil say motor oil or something along that line absorbent blanket or booms are available see oil remediation in your browser.

The best way and easiest way is to throw in a bag of kitty Litter. Wait for it to sink and vacuum to waste. Kings Duck Solution.
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Can you get pregnant from swimming in the same pool?

it depends on what your ob gyne said.. you should consult them first. Would depend more on pool water temperature and chemical balance than what the Dr said. Unless pool wate

Is swimming in the sea healthier than swimming in the swimming pool?

One is not necessarily more healthy than another, because it depends on the sea and it depends on the swimming pool. Ocean conditions vary tremendously depending on the weathe

How do you get rid of maggots in a swimming pool?

The best way to get rid of maggots in the pool is to drain it,  clean the filter a few times, check the pH and ensure it remains at  a 7, and use a higher level of chlorine

Can swimming pools swim?

That is definitely an odd question but, no, I have never seen my friend's swim!

Where on a swimming pool does it tell who made the pool?

Sometimes a swimming pool builder will leave a sticker on or near the equipment that will say the companies name but typically a swimming pool these days won't say who built i

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Can you get pregnant from swimming in a swimming pool?

No, you cannot get pregnant from simply swimming in a swimming pool. However, you might get pregnant if you happened to have sex in a swimming pool.

How do you get rid of calcium deposits from an in ground swimming pool?

You can try Biodex 300 if the mineral deposit is just a film (CAUTION IT'S DANGEROUS). If it is thicker you can try a pumice stone (CAUTION MAY SCRATCH TILE). You can hire som

Can you swim at swimming pool after rain?

Yes you can but the chlorine level will probably be low and your pH might be off. Sanitize the pool first, test it and when right, go swimming.

Can you catch a virus from swimming in a swimming pool?

  There are two ways to catch a virus from a swimming pool.1]inhailing the water.2]if someone whom is sick spits in the pool and water is drunk could lead to an illness.

How do you get rid of chlorine when you put too much in your swimming pool?

Just wait it out, the Ch level will come down. When you add Ch (Shock) you are spiking the Ch level and normal conditions use Ch and lower the concentration. Unless you put s
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What is swimming pool?

A swimming pool is an area where water is contained for the  specific purpose of giving people an area in which they can swim.  usually they are fitted with means that keep