How do you get rid of pigeons that come back every year?

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Well, that used to happen to me a lot, like 50 or so pigeons in my backyard, I used an easy solution, shooting as many of them as I could, pretty soon, they got the message and left, they never came back since
I had pigeons on my apartment balcony. I put fly paper (the strips...use rubber gloves!) on the railing, on the patio floor that was the gap between the floor and the railing and near the point where I saw their poop. They don't like stepping on the paper and decided to go elsewhere.
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Do hummingbirds come back to the same spot every year?

Ruby throated hummingbirds often migrate back to the same spot year after year, sometimes arriving at their nesting area on the same day as previous years. Their lifespan is n

What plants come back every year that bloom?

Herbaceous perennials.

Are perennials the ones that come back every year?

Yes, they are flowers and plants that you plant one year which continue to grow and produce flowers for years after that. Carefully selected, you can plant a garden that will

Do wildflowers come back every year?

Wildflowers are perennials. They will rebloom every year unlesssomething changes the environment.

Do iris come back every year?

Yes iris is a perennial plant. It will rebloom every spring.

Why does he keep coming back every two years?

You need to ask yourself this question. He is obviously getting something from you that he wants or he would not be coming back every two years. It is time you made the decisi

What animal come back same place every year?

Cats and dogs. Dogs have a smelling power as you know. Bt cats never forget where the lived. Even if u try to blank it and leave it somewhere,so still it will return back. But
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Plants that come back every year?

St. Augustine grass is a plant that comes back every year. Otherplants and flowers that come back every year include daisies androses.