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How do you get rid of pigeons that come back every year?

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Well, that used to happen to me a lot, like 50 or so pigeons in my backyard, I used an easy solution, shooting as many of them as I could, pretty soon, they got the message and left, they never came back since
I had pigeons on my apartment balcony. I put fly paper (the strips...use rubber gloves!) on the railing, on the patio floor that was the gap between the floor and the railing and near the point where I saw their poop. They don't like stepping on the paper and decided to go elsewhere.
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How do you get rid of pigeon chest?

Hey, you know i may not be the answer your looking for, but i have Pigeon Chest as well. I have talked to a few doctors about it and from what i can muster its that Pigeon Che