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How do you get rid of sewer odors from sinks i notice it on the first floor sinks and in the basemment. i have a sump pump and floor drain for utility tubs. we changed from septic to sewer 10 yrs ago?

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Try hydrogen peroxide to kill germ causing bacteria
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Can a washer be installed in the basement with the drain line going upwards connecting to a sink or shower drain instead of having to jack hammer the floor to connect to the main sewer drain?

Unfortunately, nobody has been able to come up with a method for making water drain uphill.You can, however, purchase a pump that will send the water up to your existing drain

How do you rid the bathroom of sewer gas odor?

First make sure that all the traps are full of water. If they are, disassemble the tailpiece under the sink before the trap, and remove hair (if any). If smell persists, there

Why am I getting a sewer odor from the sump hole?

If there's no water in it then there is no way for it to block the smell from coming in the house. put a couple of gallons of water in the sump hole this should stop it.

Why when you drain your kitchen sink does your floor in the next room get wet?

\n. \n. \nBY god you have a leaking drain system and don't wait to look for the problem. Look fer it now or get someone to help you find that leak rat now. Moma was holding

What is the difference between a floor sink and a floor drain?

Not much other than the floor slopes into a flor drain so any water or other fluid goes directly into it while a floor sink is bigger, sometimes has a strainer in it but pipes

How do you get rid of sewer odors?

A long vent of more than 10 feet shall be provided to exhaust the odour into the air; the top outlet facing away from the building. The odour shows that no sewer exhaust has b

Smelling sewer from floor drains?

Floor drains that do not have water flow through them will go dry and sewer gas will leak out of them because the trap makes a seal and stops air from flowing out of the floor