How do you get rid of the Getty Images logo on images?

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Buy the image. Purchased stock images do not have the logo. A logo or watermark is an indication of who owns the rights to use for that image and you need to obtain that from them either through buying or renting it (for a limited amount of distributions through media). Removing a watermark, logo, or copyright mark yourself, to use the image without being given the right to do so, is stealing.
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What is an image?

Why would you ask such a silly question I'm sure you know what a image is ;)

What is imaging?

Imaging is the process of scanning to capture an image, storing theimage, manipulating, and displaying an image using a computer.Computer imaging includes composition of bit-mapped graphics anddigital photography.

What is Imagism?

Around 1912 in London, England, a few British and US poets led by Ezra Pound, began a poetic movement that became known as imagism. Simply put, imagism is writing poetry that evokes an image, then refusing to comment further about the image. The group of Imagists were proponents of clarity and conci (MORE)

What is image?

in literature terms: Image is a word or phrase that directs to taste, sound, hear, sight, smell. in general terms: Image is a picture expressing ones self

What is a image?

A picture which forms in a mirror or on a screen, or is made by lenses.In simple way we can say it is digital format of your feeling, expression and moods. images can be in the formats like Raw, jpg, tif. gif, bmp and etc...

How do you get rid of JPEG image?

If you've saved an image as a JPEG, tough luck. It's gone for good, unless you have all the colors of the original image(I'm assuming that you have a computer-generated image that you save as a JPEG) saved somewhere safe, like in your custom colors section, and you are willing to take the time to re (MORE)

What types of images can be acquired from Getty Images?

Getty Images is a photography and printing business, and as listed on their wikipedia page, they specialize in publishing, media, and web design, meaning that both stock photos and professional photoshoots are available.

Where can one find images of the Samsung logo?

you can find images of the Samsung logo on the Samsung website. it is also possible to find these images on service providers web page. another great resource for Samsung images is a good old google image search

Where can one find images of the Chevy logo?

One can find images in various places on-line, newspapers, billboards, or even television advertisements. Checking car advertisements in a newspaper or searching images on-line will likely yield an image of the Chevy logo.

How much does it cost to use the Getty Images Photolibrary service?

Upon researching the Getty Images Photolibrary it has been found that the cost of images varies and depends on what image one wants as well as the size of the image. Just one example is a photo of a duck on the water, and to purchase a photo that is 23kb the price is $10. To purchase the same phot (MORE)

Where can one see images of a Subaru logo?

To find Subaru logos, you can go to a dealership. You may also be able to do a web search for Subaru logos. If you are really lucky your neighbor may also be driving a Subaru and might let you look at the logo on their Subaru.

Where can one see images of the GMC logo online?

Some great places in order to see images of the GMC logo online would be for example the websites "CarType", "MotorsportGraphics" or "AllCarLogos". Additionally the blog "MyCarLogos" has some GMC graphics online.

Where can one find images of the Los Angeles Dodgers logo?

There are many websites that offer images of the Los Angeles Dodgers logo. Sports Logo, Topps and Logo Types 101 are 3 websites that have a variety of these images. The official Los Angeles Dodgers website also has many images of their logo.

Where can one get ideas for logo images?

For logo images one can get ideas from numerous places such as looking at various logos of other companies, information about the company or thing and it's use or by searching for articles on the internet.

Where can someone find images of the Olympics logo?

You can find images of the Olympics logo online at the Web Designer Depot website. Once on the page, type "39 Olympic Logos" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the images.

Where can one find images of Chevy logos?

Images of Chevy logos can be found from many different online image databases. Some examples of include Google Images and Photobucket. The official Chevrolet website is also a good source for their logos.

Which websites offer images of coffee logos?

Websites that have images of coffee logos include Dreams Time, Photo Bucket., Shutter Stock, Image Co, Designers Hub and Logo Magic. Major coffee companies such as Tim Horton's, Maxwell House and Starbucks have logos and images on their websites.