How do you get the Azure Flute in Pokemon Pearl?

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Currently, the Azure Flute can only be obtained through using a cheating device.
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Where do you get the azure flute in Pokemon Pearl?

You get the azure flute from an ARCEUS event. Too bad it happened a long time ago, because I want an ARCEUS too. Via mystery gift.The Azure Flute (not Azelf Flute) can only be

How do you get an azure flute in Pokemon pearl?

Answer Go to the Pokemart in Canalave City and a man will give it to you. Wrong complete game( battle tower) also then go to hearthome and talk to someone don't remember who

How do you get azure flute on Pokemon pearl?

action replay - choose arceus event, play pearl/diamond, press L+R whilst going into a pokemart, talk 2 green man, go 2 spear pillar, play it, arceus appear lvl 80, but u get

Pokemon pearl how to get the azure flute?

You will need Action Replay, an iCheat, or a lot of luck. Seeing as getting the Azure Flute was a Nintendo Event, you will need an Action Replay or an iCheat to get the Azu

How To Get Azure flute in Pokemon pearl?

Sadly, you can't get the Azure flute in regular gameplay. You have to either go to a Nintendo event at Toys'R'Us or use an action replay. By the way, the action replay code f