How do you get wine on master of Olympus Zeus?

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There are multiple ways to get wine :

  • producing it : by producing the grapes and the wine or by buying the grapes and making the wine
  • buying the wine from another city : the wine is an luxury and therefore expensive
  • asking it from another city : you must have good relation with the city you are asking from
  • raiding a city : you must have an army to raid
  • receiving it as a present : usually this is when you cannot do any of the above and the game will give wine to you through an offer from a city. You must be careful not to consume the wine or sell it by mistake for the game will only give you the amount needed.
Have fun !
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How did Zeus become ruler of Olympus?

He was always the king. he had the most power out of all of the gods.. He was always the king. he had the most power out of all of the gods.

When did the Zeus rule Olympus?

All the time that the Greek believed in their gods, i.e. from time immemorial until Christianity took over about the 4th century AD.

Who is is the master of Olympus?

Zeus. In Greek mythology Zeus (pronounced /ˈzuːs/ or /ˈzjuːs/ ; Ancient Greek : Ζεύς; Modern Greek : Δίας, Dias ) is the "Father of

Does Zeus live on mount Olympus?

Zeus was one of the Olympian gods, and all the Olympian gods livedon Mt. Olympus. There were twelve Olympians. They were: Zeus, Hera,Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis

Why did Zeus live on Mount Olympus?

He lived on Mount Olympus because Kronos lived on the biggestmountain in Greece Mount Othrys. But when they destroyed it Zeusdecided to make another Kingdom on the next much s