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How do you get your Logitech wireless keyboard to work?

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Open the back (Or wherever you can open it) of your keyboard there should be a small object to plug into a USB port
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How does a wireless keyboard work?

  Wireless keyboard   A wireless keyboard works just like a television remote or wireless video game controller. There is something on the computer which receives in

How do a wireless keyboard work?

really depends on the type of keyboard you get there is ones that work on the 2.4GHz frequency that has some sort of USB adapter/dongle there are some Bluetooth keyboard which

Where can you buy a logitech wireless keyboard?

Any computer store or electronics store should carry Logitech keyboards. The biggest one that comes to my mind is Best Buy. They carry a number of computers and keyboards that

How does a logitech wireless mouse work?

If you are tired of having your mouse connected to your keyboard, then you may want to consider buying a Logitech wireless mouse. They use a signal from the mouse to your comp

Why your Logitech Unifying Receiver wireless keyboard and mouse not working with KVM switch?

For those new Logitech Unifying devices which require to be  configured and controlled by Logitech's proprietary protocol, most  of the "emulatation class" KVM switches can