How do you get your ex-boyfriend to pay you back money the owes you?

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The saying goes "don't lend money to family and friends!" If the person doesn't bother to pay you back (and most don't) then there will always be that between you and you'll never feel the same about the person again. Remember, you work hard for that money! Unless you signed a contract with a witness (most people don't when it's just a personal loan from your bank account) then you are stuck with not getting your money back. Sorry (I've been stung before but learned from the first time around.)
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If your ex was ordered to pay bills in your divorce but he filed bankruptcy on them how can you take him back to court to get the money owed to you?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nI really highly suggest you get legal counsel on this one because it's very complicated. The good news is, the courts made your ex responsible

How do you collect money owed How can i collect money that I loaned someone and is not paying back?

Answer . Unfortunately, unless a contract was signed by both of you then you might as well have put wings on the money. There are certain people that may borrow $20 - $50

How to get money your owed from your ex boyfriend?

If you don´t have any paper´s where he has signed that he owes you money... take it as it is... you won´t get anything back... write it down as experience... even it

How do you make people pay you back the money they owe?

I'm in the same boat with a relative. If they are having trouble affording things, it usually is poor money management and/or that they want things that are beyond their means

What is a Legal letter to pay back money owed called?

A legal letter to pay back money owed is called a collectionletter. It is better to have a collection letter come from acorporation that collects debts or an attorney. However
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How would you scare someone into paying back the money he owes you?

What you need to do is tell them a fictional story. Casually say that the last person who didn't pay you back, (insert made up name), couldnt walk for two days because you kne
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Do you owe an ex boyfriend money back for debt that he paid off for you?

Morally, you should. Though, it depends if there was a verbal or otherwise contract, i.e. an agreement of a loan for you to pay him back. If there was, you are legally obli