How do you get your maiden name back after a divorce?

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This may vary by state, but as long as no fraud is involved, whatever name you want to use is pretty much up to you. Inform your DMV and bank. If more is required they will let you know.
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How do you indicate the name you went by on a resume after changing it back to your maiden name after a divorce?

You don't need to indicate it. When you feel out the application it should give you an opportunity to give other names. If you feel it's important put it in parenthese (). Mo

How do you change back to your maiden name before divorce?

In order to change your name on your Social Security card in Kentucky, you will need your divorce decree or a certified copy and your marriage certificate or a certified copy.
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How do I take back my maiden name years after a divorce?

You should visit your local family court and inquire about filing a petition for a name change. You could also check your divorce file to see if you were given that right at t
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Can you change your name back to your maiden name before the divorce is final?

Yes. Since a woman is not legally required to take her husband's name when they marry, she certainly isn't obligated to keep his name when they divorce. And, even though the d
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Can you use your maiden name after divorced?

It depends, to an extent on where you are in the world. But, in most places, you can call yourself what you like (within reason). Informally, you can often simply start using