How do you ground a dishwasher with only 2 wires available?

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If it has a metal body you attach a suitable cable to match the ground or earth wire colour in your country ( such as a 6 mm squared cross sectional area ) copper cable with green-yellow ( in the U.K.) insulation colours to the metallic frame of the dishwasher with a cable lug and a brass ( preferably ) nut & bolt. Then using a suitable length of cable to the nearest grounded piece of metalwork such as a copper pipe using a "earth clip" for a copper pipe. These can be bought from electrical wholesalers who supply all electricians or / and electrical contractors.
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How can a light fixture be controlled by two 3-way switches using only 2-wire cables with ground?

CAN'T. Must have 3-wire w/ground. [First off, I want to admit that the wording of this answer is skewed. However, if you read the answer you will understand why. It is techin

Will a ground fault interrupter work at any outlet with only 2 wires?

Answer . Yes. . GFCI receptacles do not rely on a ground conductor to work. They sense any difference between current flowing in the hot wire and current returning in the

If I replace a 2 prong plug with a 3 prong and only wire it with the black and white wire no bare ground should the plug in type testers with 1 red and 2 yellow lights show that everything is fine?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hertz supply service. If you replace an ungrounded outlet with a grounded outlet, the tester should show an open ground indi

Can you connect 3 wire to 2 wire House wire has black white and ground Appliance has black red white and ground wires?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz household electricity supplies . Just by asking this question that shows you are probably not quite ready to take on

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Whoa there! You are setting yourself up for an absolute disaster. There is no way to do what you are trying safely OR legally.. If your generator is a small one, it probably

How do you wire an outlet with 2 hot and 2 neutral screws with a wire that has only 1 hot and 1 neutral wire along with a ground wire?

The very first thing you do is shut the power off to that circuit if you are going to work on it. A regular duplex receptacle has 5 screws on it. With the receptacle facing yo

How do you wire a light fixture that has a white wire black wire and a ground wire if you only have a white wire and a black wire coming from the wall?

It is strange that a ground is not currently installed. For safety a ground is required. However, the good news is that a ceiling fixture provides little chance of a shock haz

Why would an outlet have 2 black wires and a ground wire but no white wires?

Some older cloth covered wires tend to loose color. Check ohms with a meter between silver screw and ground. It should be zero or thereabouts. NOTE: When checking the ohm
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Why is the ground wire smaller in your 8 2 with ground wire?

The grounding wire is not intended to be a load-carrying conductor in ordinary use, but rather a SAFETY conductor. Grounding wires are often "one size smaller" than the associ
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What is 2 wire plus ground 240V?

With one interpretation of this question, the answer would be two 120V wires and a ground.
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Where do you place the copper ground when no green wire is available?

With limited information available as to the type of equipment that is to be grounded it is always safe to place the ground wire on the equipments frame. This will not be grou