How do you help a cousin who steals things lies uses things without asking has anger fits over little things is an overall jerk and doesn't pay attention in school to break their bad habits?

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If he doesn't understand that what he is doing you can't help him. Talk to him and try to make him understand but at the end of the day you can't change anyone unless they want to change.
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What are some things you can do to break habits of procrastination?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nI think we are all capable of some procrastination. Believe it or not some medications have a side effect making the person feeling a little mellowed out and thus procrastination sets in. It's a good idea to get a complete physical and be sure there are no adrenal gland (MORE)

How do I control my anger when I seem to get angry over unnecessary things?

Answer . Sometimes it's hormones (oh yes, they are nasty little critters) so it's a good thing to have a good physical by your doctor. Thyroid should be checked out (T3/T4 blood test) and tell your doctor about feeling angry about many things. You may have had issues from childhood you have for (MORE)

What is the bad things of school?

Well there are many things of why school is bad.. Mostly everyone will come up with learning -.-' Aparently its TORTURE.. But leads on to a bright future c; Secondly Bullying the worst thing possible! I mean why do bullies exist! They are mean, dumb and petrofying! Lastly mean teachers 0.0 once i g (MORE)

Bad things about school uniforms?

1. usually ugly 2. sometimes not comfortable 3. makes everyone look the same 4. can cost a lot of money to buy 5. have to replace usually at least once a year there re some reasons :)

What bad things did Chris Brown do at School?

He was constantly getting himself into trouble in class. He was a talker, he talked way to much during class, he ate in class when he wasn't supposed to. and he sang while the teacher was talking.

What are the bad things about using computers?

If someone doesn't have a fair amount of knowledge with computers, using a computer will do more bad than good. Hackers take advantage of people by placing spyware on their computer to steal their passwords, credit card information, and any other information they can profit from. If you don't know h (MORE)

How do you unlock a house door without breaking it open Do you have any ideas please help me all my things are in that room if you have any ideas i will pay you 100000000 dallors?

HAHAHAH! YOUR GONNA GIVE AWAY 10000000 DOLLARS!? YA RIGHT! YOU DON EVEN KNOW HOW TO SPELL DOLLARS RIGHT IDIOT!! AAHAHA!! . well, You can a lock smith. this happened to us before we called the lock smith and he came to the house un-installed our lock. he then opened the door (obviously!) and after (MORE)

Is school uniform a good thing or a bad thing?

wearing school uniform is compulsory in secondary school especially in singapore context. just imagine the disciplinary of the students if there is no school uniform. wearing school uniform symbolizes their school and give a sense of belonging to them. most parents and teachers will be against the i (MORE)

Why is home schooling a bad thing?

Because when you homeschool your child, your child is not getting the opportunity to socialize with other children. Your child will not get the oportunity to see how other children their age acts and therefore they wouldn't grow up. If you plan on homeschooling your child you should take them to the (MORE)

Bad things about using plastic?

there isn't really anything bad about using plastics it just depends on what you choose to do with that plastic after you have used it as far as im concerned...

What are things guys pay most attention to in a girl?

almost all guys pay full attention on ur butt,cleavage,curves but more especially they focus on your butt,i dont know why but they do,i say so because one day i visited a certain place on the way i do passed guys,you know what they did?they let me pass just a few steps they say 'hi sweet',see the re (MORE)

Bad things about getting attention?

Attention can be a very interesting thing. Some people don't have to work for it at all because they're beautiful, smart, or talented. Others try too hard and only receive the wrong type. At the same time, others work really hard and get good attention for all their effort and time. I guess it reall (MORE)

Bad things about school?

homework, teachers, drama, getting up early, and DRAMA!! Also uniforms, raising hands and grammar and hand writing

Dose looking at sad things help get over a break up?

i dont believe it would help. it can only deepen your sadness. the best thing you can do is cry...... and empty your heart out. and then find something happy to fill it with... like maybe God. and the Bible. i promise it helps.

What are bad things about the US?

Perhaps the worst US sin, at least as regards the rest of the world, is that we support anti-democratic governments - governments that we wouldn't tolerate in the US - who, in turn, sell their countries' resources to us at a much lower price than we would otherwise have to pay. This often leads to w (MORE)

What are bad things to ask a boyfriend?

Nothing should be bad to ask your boyfriend, you should be open and honest with each other. Although, you may want to avoid topics which make you seem awkward if you dont feel comfortable with it early in the relationship. Ask him when you are ready.

Bad things with using the internet?

The internet is a source of both information and misinformation, and many people are not prepared to distinguish between the two. It is seductive and time-consuming, and may distract you from more important matters. It can transmit computer viruses and other malware.

How do people do bad things in school?

Most people do bad things in school to gett attention. Also they do it because they feel that they can, because the teacher does not punish them at all or the student just doesnt geet punished out of school!

What are Fun things to do with your little cousin?

I think you could see a movie, play charades (I don't know it i spelled that right) make up a game, make a play or movie then preform it or record it, watch TV, swim, play a board game, play an imaginary game, or do what ever they like!

Why is digital things bad for us?

if you are referring to television, laptops, mobile phones, games consoles etc, then i have your answer. studies have shown that children who own more games consoles and watch more tv are less likely to get good grades at school or have a good level of social skills. basically if you spend too muc (MORE)

Why does your boyfriend get mad over the little things?

As a boy i can answer this...the reason we get mad over the little things..well there are many answers. here are some... 1. we r having a really bad day and have to find someone to take it out on. 2. We just went to the doctor and found out we have prostate cancer, or 3. We get really jealous of oth (MORE)

Is there a such thing as a question that doesn't ask anything?

Why? What do you mean? Why am I saying this? Instead of: How are you? Nice weather, huh? Also rhetorical questions or exclamations: Oh really!? Oh, I suppose I'm supposed to do everything around here!? So don't you kind of see how this all comes together? P.S. I think that whoever (MORE)

What are the five things you should pay attention to when your in space?

1. First, focus on the binding provisions. I greatly prefer to use a separate non-disclosure agreement as a binding contract and leave the term sheet completely non-binding. Many people like to combine a non-binding term sheet with some binding provisions, however. So you need to focus on what is a (MORE)

How do i get my ex to trust me she doesn't trust me because she had to find out things from my past as time went on that i initially lied about and it wasn't anything even bad?

The fact that she had to find out as time went on and you lied should tell you that you'll never have trust with anyone. Always be straight up! If the other person hears about your past on day one and is still willing to be with you, then that is the person for you. Remember, the best relati (MORE)

Can people use the you for bad things?

the something just like that or it is a mistake. if you mean can people use you for bad things, yes they can if you are also bad to them or look like you are the one for the bad. so if you want them not to use you just don't make yourself bed.peter is the one who answer, if correct (MORE)

What bad things can happen at school recess?

A number of things. And unfortunately, one of the worst things that could happen is bullying. Though sometimes injuries can happen, whether internal or external, taking mean advantages of those who are more gullible than others is one of the worst.

Why doesn't the brain forget bad things?

There could be many reasons, depending on what the bad thing is: If it gives the person a feeling of guilt, then a guiltyconscience may bother them, and will require them to correct theguilt before the bad thing can be forgotten. * If it was something done wrong to the person, then they might b (MORE)