How do you identify a printed circuit board mean of shape size number?

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You would have to look inside your computer and take the circuit board out and examine it. It should have the information on it.
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How do you design printed circuit board?

If you want to know a printed circuit board is designed here is the explanation in simple terms. 1. First you decide on the components which are in the design. 2. Need a

How are printed circuit boards manufactured?

Printed circuit board are electronic circuits created by mounting electronic components on anonconductive board, and creating conductive connections between them. The creation

What is the lifetime of printed circuit board?

Depends on the material it's constructed from, the application for which it's being used and the atmospherics to which it's exposed. I have printed circuit boards from the ve

What does a Printed Circuit Board do in a circuit?

A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is the skeleton of most electronicdevices. It provides not only a solid physical base for thecomponents to be mounted upon, but also the electric

How does a printed circuit board work?

A: To make thing to work each independent device must be connected together to work. PCB does nothing else but provide real estate for devices to be installed and copper trace

What does a printed circuit board do?

It acts as a base to mount electronic components on, and it connects those components together in a way that'll make them work as intended.

What is is the hole size on a printed circuit board for a 20 gauge 19 strand wire?

This wire should be very near 0.037" diameter. Most are saying thehole size should be at least 1.25 times this diameter as a minimumso that would be about 0.047" or 1.17mm. Th

What can printed circuit boards be used for?

PCB or printed circuit board are copper clad that are chemically etched to establish connections with parts installed on it making it a working circuit Today, just about eve

Are printed circuit boards poisonous?

The short answer is no, but be careful anyway. The board itself is made of paper and epoxy resin which is nottoxic but is not good for you. The real problem is the components

How a printed circuit board workes?

A printed circuit board (PCB) is a usually flat insulated board with conductors printed on it. It may be single sided, or it may be two sided, or it may have up to 50 internal

How do you make Printed circuit board?

A: To make one at home you need a copper clad of the right size a way to mask off the copper that is going to be removed and finally a chemical to do just that remove the copp
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Does a kettle have a printed circuit board?

If the kettle is a new one, then it should. If it is an older style kettle with no automatic shutoff, then it will probably not.
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What are printed circuit boards made of?

Generally,there are the below kinds materials for printed circuit boards: 1. Rigid phenolic resin laminate sheet of paper substrate CCL FR-1 economy, flame retardant 2. FR-2 h