How do you know if you like pizza?

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Taste it and see if it is satisfying to you
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Who likes pizza?

Type Your Name or UserName If You Like Pizza 1. Idontcarewhatmyuseris (my username) 2. Raccoman 3. Lovestinks10

Do you like pizza?

Yes i love pizza too but you are just crazy about it !!!!!!! (youstink05) yes

Why you like pizza?

Pizza is good and awesome!!! But some people are lactose intolerant and shouldn't eat pizza. Some people also just don't like pizza.

What do people like about pizza?

Some things people like about pizza is its melted cheese. Also, its sauce and its many toppings such as pepperoni, anchovies, etc.

Do you like pizza that was on your butt?

In Jersey and New York the butt pizza is delicious. The butt pizza in New Haven, CT is a little brittle based on the thin crust and small butts. Finally, in CA the pizza is ta
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What do you like about pizza?

I like the thickness of the sauce once you take a bite. I also love the way the crust melts in your mouth..... .....what kind of question is this, you dumb a s s. You accual