How do you know if you like pizza?

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Taste it and see if it is satisfying to you
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Why do people like pizza?

There are a number of reasons including: . Pizza is a nutritious food containing grains, dairy, meats andveggies. Of course the ingredients used and the way it is puttogether can determine whether or not it is a healthy choice. . Pizza can be a quick meal and can be eaten out-of-hand. Unlessyou c (MORE)

What does pizza taste like?

runny delicious cheese crawling down your throat and the pepperoni slice mmmmm! then you taste the spicy yet sweet sauce too and its like heavan on earth!.... Pizza tastes like cheese and tomato and often with other toppings. The scent of cheese and crispy crust wafting into your nose . Pizza is (MORE)

What does a pizza look like?

Traditional pizzas are typically circular (or sometimes square) in shape with an outer crust bordering the food. They are predominately red in color because of the tomato sauce that often forms the base upon which cheese and various toppings such as pepperoni, sausage, ham, mushrooms, olives, and an (MORE)

Who likes pizza?

Type Your Name or UserName If You Like Pizza 1. Idontcarewhatmyuseris (my username) 2. Raccoman 3. Lovestinks10

Do you like dominos pizza?

Yes, but they should use with no offense my own recipe for great pizza dough. I'll tell you that Domino's will have a better leverage on they hands to give an outstanding fight to the competition and take over the hearts of millions of pizza lovers like myself.

Does Hayley Williams like pizza?

Yes she loves pizza! Hayley has loved pizza ever sense she was very little. Hayley likes pizza because of the peperoni's and all the cheese. She loves to get the cheese in the crust also.

Why some pizzas smell like feet?

well becauswe of the ingredients added if ur pizza has example.. mushrooms extra onions and stuff like dat its not going to smeel ideal..yet it may taste varies on the ingredients!!. well becauswe of the ingredients added if ur pizza has example.. mushrooms extra onions and stuff like dat (MORE)

Why does Avril Lavigne like Pizza?

Because, I heard that at Wikk Pizza. there was alot of Avril Lavigne fans eating there, its crowded there too. and there was Avril Lavigne postes there too.. so me and my friend just discovered that Avril Lavigne was eating at Wikk Pizza there.. Everybody knew that she liked their pizza, because t (MORE)

How does Avril Lavigne like Pizza?

Because, where she lives, alot of people there like Pizza, I heard that before.. Wikk Pizza is her favorite pizza shop, well I go there sometimes when theres barely people there. its crowed there. Well, its okay to like Pizza because its popular food!!

Do dogs like pizza?

Mine sure does! I've found, with the two dogs I've had over the past several years, that they like to eat almost everything- Especially the things you don't want them to eat!

What is a pizza looks like?

Traditional pizzas are typically circular or sometimes square in shape with an outer crust bordering the food. They are predominately red in color because of the tomato sauce that often forms the base upon which cheese and various toppings such as pepperoni, sausage, ham, mushrooms, olives, and anch (MORE)

Does everybody in the world like pizza?

No,some dont like the sause some dont like the cheese and some dont like the dough...but some like all of that but maybe they dont like it together.AND ITS NOT A STUPID QUESTION.

How does pizza taste like?

Pizza tastes awesome!!!!! You definitely need to try it, its kind of hard to describe the taste of it though!! I promise you you will love it!!!!

Is it weird to not like pizza?

Kinda Most Children I Know Would Say That Not Liking Pizza Is Like Not Liking Your Own Finger its just wrong but hey u cant like what u dont try :D. LovePeaceXD

Do ducks like pizza?

probaly as they eat anything because people come down not much and feed ducks bread

How many people like 9inch pizzas?

um im not sure because each person has different taste budds so it is impossible to know i like them i think hope u have more luck swettypiem

Do you like pizza?

Yes i love pizza too but you are just crazy about it !!!!!!! (youstink05) yes

Why you like pizza?

Pizza is good and awesome!!! But some people are lactose intolerant and shouldn't eat pizza. Some people also just don't like pizza.

What is Pizza like in Italy?

I've never tasted a Pizza in Italy, but I once ate a Pizza made by an Italian chef, and it was divine. In Italy there is a law stating that pizza dough must be left for at least 6 hours to rise/prove, before it can be used. This allows for the perfect dough to create thin, crispy pizza crusts. An (MORE)

If she knows you like her but how do you know if she likes you?

Look For The Simple Things That You Probably Over Look.. Such As Steady Eye Contact, THE REAL SMILE(some girls can do a fake smile 2 everyone they see). See If You Can Make Steady Eye Contact If You Can Go Talk To Her! Playing With Her Hair Is One Flirt, Then A Next, She Asks You Questions About You (MORE)

Does Johnny Depp like pizza?

Of course not, He said that pizza blows, and Cayla Viavada is stupid, because everybody obviously likes sex, but pizza, nope. He is the 1 person in the entire world that hates it.

Why do people in America like pizza?

When immigrants came from Italy they opened alot of shops and it eventually evolved into different styles depending on the city. I live in New Jersey which has a lot of Italians so my town (which is extremely small) has one run down dun-kin donuts and one seven eleven but at least four pizza shops.

What does pizza look like?

Pizza looks like cheese sauce and bread, usually arranged in acircle with a visible crust on the outer edge.

What do people like about pizza?

Some things people like about pizza is its melted cheese. Also, its sauce and its many toppings such as pepperoni, anchovies, etc.

Why does C2 from Code Geass like pizza?

Ask yourself why you like your favorite food. Your answer will probably be: because it tastes good. That's probably C.C.'s answer, if she were ever to answer.

Do you like pizza that was on your butt?

In Jersey and New York the butt pizza is delicious. The butt pizza in New Haven, CT is a little brittle based on the thin crust and small butts. Finally, in CA the pizza is tasteless and usually has a thongy after taste. I would recommend the pineapples because they're shipped from Hawaii and usuall (MORE)

Does Mario like pizza?

I dont know mabey u should ask him!!!!!. Yes. Mario is practically obsessed with all Italian foods in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!

How does pizza feel like?

For a start you uneducated twit the correct statement would be 'What does pizza feel like' and secondly you need to be more specific; do you want to know the consistancy of the dough or how it should feel once cooked? If you want to know once cooked then with or without toppings? All these are issue (MORE)

Who in Mindless Behavior likes pizza?

yes, many are saying that ray ray loves pizza and he is looking for mrs.right who loves pizza too! Yes , you are totally right. Ray-Ray is mostly the only one who like pizza accordiing to my resources but my resources might be wrong. :)

What do you like about pizza?

I like the thickness of the sauce once you take a bite. I also love the way the crust melts in your mouth..... .....what kind of question is this, you dumb a s s. You accually took the time to ask this question, go get a life. I like turtles...

What does pepperoni pizza taste like?

The crust tastes a lot like bread, the sauce tastes like tomatoes with spices and garlic, the cheese tastes creamy and salty, and the pepperoni taste like sausage with extra spice and pepper.

How do you write she likes to eat pizza in spanish?

You could say "A ella le gusta comer pizza." Note the first "a" is a use of the so called "personal a", and does not really have a counterpart in English. Also, even though it doesn't look quite right, the Spanish word for "pizza" really is the same in English.

Does like Cody Simpson like pizza?

Yes, because in many interviews he has stated that he'd love to go to Italy because he loves the food (i.e. pizza/pasta) He says he hates cheese so I would be surprised if he ate it with cheese...

How likely are you to get botulism from pizza?

Not very, botulism is primarily caused by improperly canned foods. Most pizza parlors use fresh ingredients on their pizza. Tomatoes are too acidic, typically, for the botilinum bacteria to grow in canned tomatoes, usually the only canned ingredient at some pizza parlors that don't make their own sa (MORE)

How does one eat pizza like a sir?

Upper class people who like pizza would eat it with a knife and fork , cut it all into small bite sized pieces and chew very slowly perhaps with a glass of wine or champagne.

How do you say I like pizzas in Cantonese?

(oral)æ��é��æ��é£�pizza ~ I=æ�� like=é��æ�� eat=é£� pizza=pizza (writing)æ��å��æ­¡å��pizza ~ I=æ�� like=å��æ­¡ eat=à (MORE)