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How do you know if you love someone or not and if they love you back?

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Be close to her/him and you will know but it's not a guarantee however knowing that you love someone usually flows effortlessly from within without you trying to prove it.But above all when you love someone, you believe in that person.
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If a man loves you how do you know if you love him back?

counseling,,reach out and in your community if there is a free counseling center ..call and work it out.if your unable too ..       you know when you look at him and

How can you love someone who doesn't love you back?

you cant control your heart. my friends are begging me to fall out of love with this guy but i find it nearly impossible. have you asked them is they like you or are you just

What if you love someone and she loves you back but she doesn?

Your question is contradictory. "What if you love someone and she loves you back but she doesn't?" ...Clearly the answer would be that she doesn't really love you, and you kno

What do you do if you are in love with someone who does not love you back?

If you love someone and even after knowingyour feelings that persondoes not love you back then this person is not made for you. I knowits hard to let it go. But you can put yo

How do you show you love someone and how do you know if they love you?

If it's true love then it says it all in the eyes. There is a warmth of security and light of honesty in those eyes. They may put their arm around your waist, hold your hand

How do you know if you love someone or in love?

How to tell if you are in love? Only one person can answer that question & that person is you, but I will tell how it feels like to be in love, from what I have experienced. F

What do you do when someone you love don't love you back?

get over it get over it ANSWER: It's time for you to move on, it will hurt you for a while anfd you will have tons of question but in time it will go away. You will find a re

How do you say no to someone you love but do not know if they love you?

You just do. Sometimes you have to say NO even to those you know for sure love you. Saying NO is part of being responsible, shows self-respect, shows that one has a mind of hi

If you are in love with someone but you do not know if they love you back how can you know if they at least like you?

Sry but there's no list you can follow to say if someone loves you or not since we are all different. You need to start with trying to form a friendship with her since you can
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What will happen if you loved someone and not be loved back?

I've went throught the exact same thing. He didn't love me back.. for a while we didn't talk when he found out i loved him.. then.. sooner or later i got over him and we got t

If you love someone how do you know if they love you?

It's visible in their eyes...the way they look at you...  They'll treat you more special than others... They'll be protective of you... They'll find a reason to call you ever

What to do when You love someone but they don't love you back Then someone loves you and you don't love them back?

Try to have the person you are in love with fall in love with you, or try to move on with your life and find someone else. As for the person that is in love with you, you shou
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What if someone loves you and you don't love them back?

I have been in this situation quite a lot. Now when someone says they love you, they might first of all might be being over dramatic. The other thing is if they really love yo