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Does your heart beat harder,do you get butterflies in your stomach,when you picture them in your mind do you smile.When you hold hands are you happy.Do you miss them when they are at work,do you long just to hear their voice.Do you like doing things for them.When you kiss do you have a hard time stopping.Do you wish you could be with them more.Are you interested in the things they talk about.When they are down do you want to comfort them.When their sick do you want to take care of them.Just a few things that might mean your in love. Marty
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How do you know if someone really loves you?

When someone knows most of your faults and weaknesses, but loves you anyway, is when you can tell. Other than that if he/she will take a bullet for you and put themself in dan

How do you know when you're really in love with someone?

When you are really in love with someone you will call her everychance you get. You will be with her and not your friends/familywhen she calls for you. If she need help money

How do you know someone really loves you?

some things just give it away . \nthis is a age old question that some find difficult to answer.I think there are many different ways to tell.From my life I think the first

How could you know when someone really love you?

They do some of the following maybe other special things too. Its different for every couple.. Number 1: They enjoy spending time with you. You both feel very happy when you'

How do you know you really love someone?

How do you feel when you think about this person, do they make you happy, when they make you upset do you forgive them unconditionally. You can't really tell if you really lov

How do you know that you are really in love with someone?

When that person walks by, you will get chills and goosebumps up your arms. Everytime you are about to talk to that person, you get nervous and stammer your words. YOur heart

How do you know if someone really loves you or uses you?

Im a guy; soo I know about being used. You know if you are being used if you are only asked for help on homework for the only interaction with a girl. If that's the only thing

How do you know when someone really loves you?

When they are able to show you through their actions, words, deeds,and resources. For instance, you could be hitting a rough spot inyour life where most of your so called frie

How do you know if your really in love with someone?

1. you always think of him and especially before you sleep. 2. you get nervous when you walk over him and your heart starts to beat faster. 3. you always look at him. 4.

How would you know that you really love someone?

Love is an attitude that manifest itself in consistant actions. In theory this means that Love is not a feeling and occurs over a period of time. I agree with the above co