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If you use an utility such as 'Winzip', then once the file(s) are unzipped it will show you the the folder they are in. And with most zip files programs you have to indicate a destination folder before you can unzip anyway. I find 'Winzip' is It great and you can dowload it for free to evaluate it. It has a wizard feature menu which is very simple to use.
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How does a web browser know a file is a webpage?

If the browser gets the file from a web server, the web server sends a small header in addition to the file, and the header specifies the "content type" of the file.   A w

How do you know when the company you work for is filing for bankruptcy?

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How do I know if my deleted files are truly deleted?

Without extraordinary measures, they are not deleted. Windows removed the index for a file, not the file itself. The data remains on the hard drive. To some extent, this is tr

How is a DNA molecule unzipped?

The original strand of DNA is unzipped by an enzyme that breaks the  hydrogen bonds between the bases. This process continues until the  entire strand of DNA has been unzipp

How do you know if a judgment has been filed against you?

There is no central location to find all judgments against you. You can find most creditor and major liability judgments on your credit report. You are entitled to one free cr

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What is the enzyme that unzips DNA?

There are several enzymes that 'unzip' DNA. These enzymes are  collectively known as DNA helicases. DNA helicases are  helix-destabilizing enzymes that bind to DNA at the or

What happens when a molecule of DNA unzips?

DNA splits, and mRNA and tRNA are there to create new strands for the new replicated DNA strand. This is what happens prior to mitosis in cell division.

What does unzip mean?

  It means "extract from a zip file."

How do you unzip pivot stick download?

Double clicking a zipped file will unzip it. Be aware that the Pivot stick animation software only works with the Windows operating system and will not work on Mac OS X. How
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How does Linux know what program to open files with?

The exact method the desktop environment uses (it is not a feature of the Linux kernel itself) that selects a program to open a file with varies slightly, but works something
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What enzyme unzips DNA and RNA?

The enzyme used to unzip human DNA (and RNA) is called helicase. There are a few types of helicase such as DNA helicase, RNA helicase, etc. Each type has its own specific role