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How do you lay 18mm Brazilian hardwood floor over a terrazzo floor?

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Do you mean solid hardwood? You should not install 3/4" solid hardwood directly on top of terrazzo, or concrete or tile. Solid hardwood is supposed to be nailed into 3/4" plywood.

Now theoretically, you might be able to add 3/4" plywood in, if you can actually get it into the terrazzo. It is possible (but challenging) to add plywood into concrete using hilties, but it tends to be expensive and time consuming. Also, if you were to add plywood and solid hardwood, you would be raising your floor 1.5 inches. This may cause some height issues, especially for the doors (which might need to be shaved or replaced). If there is kitchen, this could cause height issues with appliances and/or cabinets.

However, if you mean an engineered hardwood, it could be floated on top of the terrazzo. You put an underlayment underneath and then install the wood on top. If it is a clickable engineered wood, then you just click it in; if it isn't, then you would glue the joints together.
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It varies greatly from product to product and from market to market. The best way to get an answer is to put an ad on Craigslist telling what you want installed, ie.. 3/4 inch
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