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How do you log off FaceTime for iPad?

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You close the program or disconnect from the active video chat session. If you don't want Facetime to alert you when someone want to chat, set the Notifications for Facetime in the Settings menu.
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Is FaceTime on the iPad free?

Yes. It is included with the operating system, and works with second generation iPads and newer.

How do you log off Twitter from iPad?

It doesn't seem to allow a logoff. You must remove acct. if you want. 1. Click on twitter icon on ipad screen 2. Click on settings 3. Click on username 4.Click on remove acct.

How do you log off Facebook on iPad?

On my I pad 2 i go to the menu...where it has your name...messages...friends ect on the left. There is a list...on the bottom of the list the will be settings . click on this

How can you FaceTime iPad to iPad?

You must go to your settings and turn on Facetime on, sign in withyour Apple ID, and register. If you have an iPhone, you can enteryour wireless number, so people contacting y
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How do you log off kik in iPad?

well what I did was , I went onto settings. then I clicked 'Your Account' And then pressed 'Reset Kik Messenger' . It doesn't delete any profile info or picture and you could